Anambra Security Bodies Must Go Back To The Drawing Board Before We All Die!

Anambra Security Bodies Must Go Back To The Drawing Board Before We All Die!

By Emeka Ginigeme

State security refers to the government`s role in ensuring the safety of its citizens, institutions, and economy. This is one of the chief responsibilities of the government of Anambra state. After evaluating the relationship between governance and security in Anambra state, it was found that the state government needs to do more with the responsibility of safeguarding life and property.

Due to an increase in economic growth and fast rate of development in Anambra State, improved security measures must be met to enhance the feeling of safety and pave way for economic stability and further development. It has become imperative to adopt a specialized approach for effective surveillance, intelligence monitoring, and personal security.

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Urban security, with regards to criminality and the subjective perception of protection, today depends on various structures and local factors. Nnewi, a city in Anambra state, arguably one of the biggest commercial nerve centers in Nigeria has a fast growing economy, being megalopolis protection of life and property is paramount.


In Nnewi, as urbanization grows, the city becomes globalized and crime increases in complexity. Also, migratory process entails the coexistence of diverse cultures within Nnewi and the challenges of managing these differences and conflicts they provoke, this may lead to the lawless neighborhood or instigate crime. This evolution should force the city to reinvent the co-production of security in a new context, with the participation of both states, local government, and communities.

In regards to this, adopting new crime prevention policies or reinvention of anti-crime policies are necessary, as development and implementation of these policies will result in a safer and peaceful society. The ideal of prevention policies consists of focusing on vulnerable groups and at the same time, addressing the modification of the structural factors that generate vulnerabilities. Although the most common limits to prevention policies are the absence of an adequate institutional framework, financial resources, and rigorous assessments.


However, a community in Nnewi happens to be ahead of their time in adopting new crime prevention policies/ reinvention of anti-crime policies. Odida Nnewichi is a community in Nnewi, they have adopted the reinvention of crime prevention policies through their president general Hon. Paulinus Ubazuonu (Mandies).
Odida started this by having its own data based system created by Ikechukwu Obi (Peculiar) and registering all local vigilantes in the community, the vigilantes were used to number all the houses in the three parts of the community known as Odida Ngo, Odida Abo, Odida Akwu, in achieving this, a lot of challenges were faced from the local government.

The process of numbering the houses is called local numbering. The purpose of local numbering is easy security routine check, easy and quick identification in response to distress or emergency calls.

The manual process of tenant/landlord registration was abolished while computerized data capturing was introduced and stored in the database. Each tenant/landlord is mandated to come to the community security office for registration. A fixed fee is charged to purchase the registration form; this fee is fixed by the executives of the community.

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The registration forms include details like full name, occupation, date of birth, name of the landlord, residential address, state of origin, local government area, town, village and captured photograph.

After completion of registration, a copy is given to the landlord/tenant as personal copy, so as to be presented for security clearance, as evidence that landlord/tenant has been registered and for identification purpose. A soft copy of all landlords/tenants with all their details is being sent to the head

Of security and president general of the community, for easy identification, if interrogated at late hours to distinguish intruders from residents of the community and in case of an emergency/distress call.


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