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Robotic Heart Can Be Hope For Transplants – Experts Reveal

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Organ is made of artificial muscles and sensors, and coated with human tissue grown in the laboratory

Dutch scientists are working on a new artificial heart and say the invention could end waiting lines for transplants. The robotic equipment is made with soft artificial muscles and sensors, and then coated in human tissue grown in the laboratory.

The researchers say they intend to test it on animals in three years. The plans for testing on humans are for 2028.

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Lead researcher Jolanda Kluin of the University of Amsterdam Medical Center said that scientists are “far from building a living heart from a patient’s cells , if they can do that.” Kluin believes in the potential of mixing biology with the power of robotics as a solution to heart failure.


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The scientist pointed out that the artificial muscles precisely mimic the human heart and, as it is lined by the patient’s own cells, prevents infection and rejection of the body.

In addition, energy transfer is done wirelessly, so that the patient has real freedom.
HybridHeart, as it was called, is one of four projects that were selected for funding by the British Heart Foundation to receive 30 million euros, about R $ 138.3 million.

The other projects include a “genetic cure” for hereditary diseases and a map that helps to detect and develop immunotherapies against heart attacks and strokes.

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