See 3 Technologies Banned From Across The World

These Days, lots of technologies are springing up in full force, new technological innovations are been developed like the 5th generation technology (5G).

it’s no longer news that the new 5G technology is being alleged to be hazardous to human health.

In this article, we are going to talk about 3 Banned Technologies From Across The World.

1) laser pointer


There are many dangerous factors that surrounds the laser. The closer a person is to the beam, and the longer the laser stays in the same area of the eye, the greater the possibility of eye damage. While eye injuries from lasers are rare, all laser beams should be treated as potentially dangerous.

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2)Drone swarms.

Well, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is here to remind everyone that, it’s a crime to equip a drone with weapons. It’s highly illegal, and the FAA is authorized to slap people with hefty fines.

However, For several years, the proliferation of drone aircraft proceeded with very little regulation.

3)Fake News Bots.


This device can publish fake news within seconds and also referred to as a smart AI technology device.

The deluge of fake news was first called out in the wake of the 2016 election, when shady websites run by foreign interests spread misinformation, much of which gained a foothold on Facebook.


However, Open Artificial Intelligence worried releasing a bot that could pump out fake news in large quantities would be dangerous for society. Although, some AI researchers felt the firm was just looking for attention.

These technologies would be available eventually, they said, so why not release the bot so other teams could develop ways to detect its output?.

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