Best Of The Best Traditional Wedding Attire In Igboland

When it comes to traditional wedding attire, Igbo people happens to be one of the tribes that has the best astonishing attire in Nigeria.

Despite the fact that designers constantly come up with different interesting styles, traditional attires still remain relevant.

In this article, we will share the traditional wedding attires in Igboland.

For some people, the selection of a wedding attire can be challenging. Of course, you want to stick with the tradition but you’d love to show your personal style.

Features Of Igbo Wedding

It’s no longer news that Igbo tribe treat traditional wedding with extreme seriousness. In this culture, the concept of family is very important. A traditional wedding is a way for newly-weds to emphasize their deepest intentions.


Different Tribes can have their own unique tradition and cultural characteristics but as far as Nigeria is concerned, that of the Igbos stands out.

A wedding is an event of ethnic significance that unites the community around the couple in love.

In accordance with Igbo folk traditions, the wedding should take place in 3 stages. The festive process can be stretched out for several days. By the way, when the groom proposes, he must get consent not only from the lady but also from her whole family and clan. Otherwise, the marital union will be considered invalid. Usually, the bride and groom should receive the blessings of older members of the tribe.


Clothes/Attires for the wedding play a symbolic role. Let’s take a closer look at what the Igbo traditional attire for the bride is

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Igbo traditional wedding attire for the bride

Despite the fact that this is a special day for two, increased attention is usually paid to the bride. When the couple comes into the hall with the guests, everyone sighs and blissfully says “Oh, how beautiful she is!”.



If you want to have such an effect, choose your dress and accessories thoughtfully.

1 Skirt and blouse

Typically, a bride’s Igbo traditional wedding attire is not a classic dress, but a combination of a skirt with a blouse. They usually come in different colors, complimenting each other.

The clothes also include additional ornaments like beads, brooches, frills, embroidery, etc. A wrapper is popularly used for the bottom part.


The bride and bridesmaids would wear this. Also, other fanciful accessories are included.

Some ladies might choose to wear a skirt and off-shoulder corset. In this case, your neckline can be decorated by heavy traditional beads, usually of red or orange color.

2. Headgear

It is difficult to imagine a good female Igbo traditional marriage attire without a nice headdress. The style chosen will depend on your family traditions and personal preferences.

You can wrap your head in a gele that matches the blouse or skirt in terms of colors and patterns. Sometimes, the bride can create an amazing crown made from beads, which are perfectly complemented according to the colour of the neck beads.

3. Accessories

As we said earlier, every detail is important. The right accessories will help you create the ideal Igbo wedding attire. So you’ll get a complete combination. The most popular options are coral beads, gold, silver jewelry, ivory products, and beautiful sparkling brooches.


Also, do not forget about the shoes. High-heeled footwear visually stretches the body, making you look more refined and elegant. However, they have one drawback – you will find it hard to walk around in these types shoes for a long time. You might want to consider taking a replacement pair and use it when you get to the unofficial parts of the wedding.


Igbo traditional wedding attire for the groom


Nigerian men treat weddings no less seriously than women and they pay a lot of attention to the selection of clothing. They also want their day to be perfect and have the best memories. If you want to create the perfect wedding attire, keep reading.

1. Trousers and shirt

This is the standard minimum, of which any groom’s outfit should consist. Trousers can have different widths but the length of the shirt is usually about the knee. Stylish men often choose the agbada style to look truly impressive.

2. Accessories

Who said that men do not need jewelry? This is such a gross misconception! Igbo guys also love accessories and know how to use them properly. First, you need to find your cap.

It’s not necessary that it be made from the same material as the clothing. Most men prefer gold, red, or any other bright color. Also, do not forget about those elegant coral beads.

Their length and volume depend exclusively on your preferences.


The final detail of the look can be a spectacular staff. It looks very solid and manly. These are those qualities that are usually expected of a reliable groom.


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From the day of the wedding, a bride and groom become one soul so it makes sense that their outfits complement each other. We hope that these tips are useful to you. Have an unforgettable wedding day and many long and happy years together with your beloved.


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