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Five Top Secondary Schools In Umuahia

Abia State, with the slogan, God’s Own State is more identified with commerce and industry, with Aba-made products readily the first thing to come to mind when Abia State is mentioned. No one hardly associates the State with education which is a huge injustice as Abia State is among the top states, educationally, in Nigeria. They have dominated the states in secondary school performance for many years in the last decade. They earned the best state in WAEC performance for (at least) 2015, 2017, and 2019.

If you find yourself in Abia, your children are in good hands. There are really, really good schools which can be of great benefit to their academic growth. Here are five of them in no particular order and by no means an exclusive list.

Word of Faith Group of Schools

Secondary Schools

Word of Faith Group of Schools is a secondary school is renowned for discipline and academic excellence The combination of primary and secondary schools is well equipped to meet international standards. The private Christian secondary school located at Aba commercial city, Abia State.

Their classroom environment is academically stimulating and vibrant. The institution has got qualified teachers with the right attitudes that help make the best impacts on the students and bring the best out of the students. Other features that rate the school above other institutions in the capital city of Abia State include their ability to provide accurate learning facilities.

Word of Faith Group of Schools is inspired to keep up with the record the institution has achieved so far, as no public establishment would want to lose its spot in the hearts of the public. The Christian secondary school ranks the overall best school in Umuahia, the capital city of Abia State. Any aspiring guardian or parents looking for a good school to enroll their ward(s) should look out for credibility and accountability which are the rare qualities of a good academic standard for learning.

Also available in the school are e-learning facilities. The school has participated and performed well in many external examinations. The address of the institution is precisely at no 39 Umuola Road, Ogbor-Hill Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

Christland Mission School International

Christland Mission School International, Umuahia is a top Christian secondary school in the state. The Christian school is situated in a comfortable learning environment. All learning facilities like libraries, laboratories and e-library at the institution are encouraging.

One of the critics the school has encountered is as a result of the students not been able to keep up to the morals of the institution and a most especially if otherwise happens, hence the reputation of the institution is protected at all cost.

Christland Mission School International has built for itself a commendable status acknowledged and admired by many likes guardians and students. Academic-wise, the institution has a great track record of constant impressive results as their testimonies of the school’s consistent tradition of excellence.

The school has qualified, well-trained, dedicated and God-fearing teachers who put in their best in the upbringing of the students.

International Secondary School, Abia State University

International Secondary School, Abia State University has its likes as the Ebonyi State University Secondary school popularly known as EBSU secondary school. It a top secondary school in the state. The institution was established in the year 1990 as a demonstration school for education faculty. The school also function as a university staff college. It is exclusively boarding with comfortable school hostel facilities.

The institution has got some negatives tags of cult activities and irregular use of drugs by the students and has devised a means of checkmating these illegal acts and put to the end of it. This they did by employing more qualified staff to assist in the upbringing and impacting of the wards.

Nevertheless, the secondary school has a good record and produces students who excel in private and public examinations. Facilities at the school are top-notch and with wonderful academic infrastructure.

With highly qualified teachers and quality infrastructures, the institution, the school set out to raise up a generation of children with well-balanced mind and proven love for God and humanity as leaders of tomorrow, who are not only intellectually sharp, morally sound, but also spiritually strong.

Premier International Secondary School

Premier International Secondary School is also ranked a top private secondary school in Umuahia, Abia State. The school has a good record and to its credit a long history of academic excellence and has consistently maintained the top ten positions or one of the ten best schools there is in the state.

Though the school is poised with the challenge of controlling the extra curriculum activities of their wards due to the environment it is situated. The students most times tend to compromise their academic pursuits to engaging in activities that are commonly known in their location which is commercialization

Notwithstanding, the school achieves academic and overall development of students with well dedicated, great teachers and a solid infrastructure. Premier International Secondary School is a top-notch secondary school in Umuahia. The institution situated at Abia State commercial city provides qualitative education for its students.

The school has standard educational facilities like library, science laboratory, computer room, there is also a provision of e-library learning made available at the school’s website. The school has over twenty-five awards and achievements since its existence.

Britarch Schools

Britarch Schools Umuahia is a combination of the first three tiers of the educational institution – the range includes, nursery, primary and secondary sessions, which the Founder found advantageous to put together in that range for all-around development and growth of any child enrolled into the school.

The institution, which has encountered an overwhelming infrastructural transformation, has produced an avalanche of students who have served as authentic tools both for national, human development and even beyond. The Founder of the institution has driven this center of academic excellence to greater heights through an ultra-modern e-library construction in the college.

The institution also has other branches in Abuja. Staff lie all teachers and tutors at Britarch Schools are certified, degree holders. The institution has quality infrastructure like libraries, laboratories, games facilities, etc. It is one of the most highly placed and recognized secondary schools in Umuahia, Abia state. Britarch Schools offers a rich and healthy variety of academic activities and extra co-curricular activities that could have positive impacts on the students.

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