The naira is far superior to far superior to the indonesian currency

Five International (Non-African) Currencies That Are Inferior To The Naira

by Anaedo Gurus

The Naira became the currency of Nigeria on the 1st day of January in the year 1973, replacing the British pounds sterling. The Naira started off strongly, being above or at par with the US dollars. But by the end of the 1980s, there was a sharp distinction between Naira and dollars. But naira continued to tower over most other world currencies. 

But the 1990s and the early 2000s hit Naira hard and it was no longer considered a medium-sized currency. Today, after six years of APC, the naira is more a less a featherweight currency. With one dollar getting exchanged today for more than 500 naira.

While the naira is still hemorrhaging, it is a big deal compared to some currencies abroad and we are not talking about the CFA used by French-speaking West and Central African countries. We are not even talking about African countries as a whole. There are currencies in Asia and the Americas with a lower value than the naira. 

Take note of them so that when next someone comes to your event spraying these inferior notes, you would see through their deceit and let the wind blow whatever they are spraying far from you. These are not the only currencies that the naira is stronger than but they are a good start.

Indonesian Rupiah


The Indonesian rupiah currency is a very useless currency when compared with the Nigerian Naira,  it is rated as among the cheapest money bill in the economy billing system.

It may interest you to know that about 12,202 idr is equal to just one dollar which is indeed a poor one. Indonesian Rupiah has coins that range from fifty to a thousand while its  banknotes ranges  from a thousand up to hundred thousands.

The government needed to increase the Indonesian Rupiah worth that why they went further to cancel the one thousand rupiah note (1000 idr) to issue two thousand rupiah note (2000 idr). From these statistics, you could see that the Naira is so much greater than this.

One rupiah is less than one kobo. I could give you 3.5 million Indonesian rupiahs and you would struggle to pay your rent as it is just around 100 thousand naira.

Paraguayan Guarani

The Paraguayan Guarani is so useless when compared to naira not to talk of dollars,  statistics graded Paraguayan Guarani  in the list of most cheapest currency in the world. its worth, when compared to the US dollars, is at 4,645 PYG equal to just one dollar.

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The Guarani currency was introduced in the year 1944, replacing the Peso. The central bank sitting in Paraguay was introduced. It’s banknotes for the First time in the year 1943, and the coins a year later (1944).


One guarani is less than a sixth of a kobo, so if I give you 10 thousand guarani, I actually gave you less than 600 naira. 

Iranian Rial

This currency (Iranian rial) is rated among the cheapest of the world’s currencies, Naira is a Lord over Iranian rail as One US dollar is equal to about 24,875 Iranian rials. This value is by far so less compared to the 515 Naira value for one US Dollar. Studies revealed that the Iranian rial currency is low due to its relation to


the United States and the sanctions posed by the global economy along with restrictions of transactions.

One Iranian Rial is less than one kobo. If I give you one million rials, it will amount to just under ten thousand naira. 

Cambodian Riel

Cambodian Riel is also a baby currency when compared to the Naira, the Cambodian Riel Currency which is written as KHR when compared to US dollars is at about four thousand and thirty eight Cambodian Riel (4038 KHR) per US dollar.


The highest denomination for Cambodian Riel currency note is a hundred thousand Cambodian Riel (KHR 100,000) which is equivalent to 24.76 US dollars.

One Cambodian Riel equals 10 kobo. If someone sprays 100 thousand riels in your wedding, it is just 10K bro.

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