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Extract Soap – Five Top Questions About It Answered

As you might have guessed by the name and you may be right or wrong depending on how you guessed. Extract Soap is not the name of any kind of soap capable of extracting properties off your skin to enable you cure skin-related issues like, uneven skin tones, acne, black spots, and the likes.

Extract Soap is a brand of soap from the Philippines selling in Nigeria and elsewhere that claims to solve most of your skin problems.

So many people have been asking questions about the product, harassing Google and everyone who would listen: Is good for use or not? Is it good for me or not? Are its benefits worth the noise they are making about it? Etc.

To help you, we went to the internet and collated all the questions people are asking about the soap. So sit back and enjoy the fruits of our research. Because we can but people who don’t like us very much would say just because we can. Whichever you choose, read because we can/care.

Where and how did the soap come to us?

Just like Eva soap that is produced in Malaysia, and Nigeria, the Extract soap is produced in the Philippines, and also Nigeria. From all indications, it is said to have been made from natural herbs that are not harsh on the skin but rejuvenates the skin from impurities.

This has not been scientifically tested, it is better to test run the product to be sure of what it can do before making use of it to be on the safe side.

What its benefits?

It is used to exfoliate the skin, thereby removing dead layers from the skin, getting rid of the visible blemishes, and making the skin soft, smooth, and radiant. In as much as this may be true, the skin has a way of exfoliating itself naturally by shedding off dead cells every 30 days, it does this without the help of artificial substances.

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Making use of Extract soap will only be necessary when the dead cells are not shed off completely. The soap may now come handy in finishing off what is left of the dead cells.

Is It A bleaching substance?

Yes, it is.

And they don’t deny it hence the term “Whitening”. While the Extract soap is mainly used to change skin tones, dark people who use the soap may become fair, and for those that are already light-skinned, they are walking the tight or not so tight rope towards a paler appearance.

That is the soap bleaching out their natural complexion under the guise of whitening their uneven skin tone as written on the pack by the manufacturer. If you do not have the intent of bleaching your skin, then the Extract soap should be avoided totally.

Are there side effects from using the soap?

The fact that there are two kinds, an original and a fake version of the soap shows that there is a possibility of having side effects from using the soap.

Not being able to differentiate which one is the original or fake can expose you to suffer some side effects if you are unlucky to use the fake product, which could range from the outbreak of blackheads, rashes, and other types of skin-related reactions.

Sometimes when the skin texture is not compatible with the ingredients used in making the soap, there is bound to be inflammation and irritation or the skin becomes flaky. In this case, papaya may not be suitable for all skin types. If you notice any allergy after using the soap, the next best option is to discontinue its use.

How long does it take the soap to work?

The soap contains papaya, which essence is to lighten the skin, If your aim of using the soap is to clear pimples and spots, the time frame given for it to work is two weeks but anything more than that will whiten your skin.

Written by Grace O

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