See The Pictures Of The Most Beautiful River In The World

The river shown in the photographs below is Caño Cristales, an amazingly colourful river in Colombia. With the photos here you will believe it’s the most beautiful river in the world.

The river takes on many different colors, including yellow, green, blue, black, but especially red, caused by the weeds at the bottom of the river (Macarenia clavigera).

The river is commonly called “The River of Five Colours”, “The Liquid Rainbow” “The River That Ran Away to Paradise”, and “The very Beautiful among others in the World” due to its striking colours.

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This is what Caño Cristales looks like with its beautiful red color. Looks like something straight out of The Bible.

Most Beautiful River

Interestingly, for most of the year the river is actually indistinguishable from any other river.

Most Beautiful River

It’s normally just a bed of rocks covered in dull green mosses in the cool, clear current.

Most Beautiful River

During the short span between the wet and dry seasons, when the water level is just right, a unique species of plant that lines the river floor called Macarenia clavigera turns a brilliant red, making it attain that notion ‘Beautiful’ in the world. It is offset by splotches of yellow and green sand, blue water, and a thousand shades in between.

Most Beautiful River

The site of the river was effectively closed to tourists for several years because of guerrilla activity in the region along with concerns about the impact of unregulated tourist traffic.

Most Beautiful River

It was reopened to visitors in 2009, and today there are several Colombian tourist agencies that will take visitors of a guided tour of the area.

Most Beautiful River

In another, Story Meet The Tribe That Offers Their Wife As Gifts To Their Visitors

The Himba tribe otherwise know as the Orahimba tribe are indigenous peoples with an estimated population of about 50,000 people living in northern Namibia, in the Kunene Region and on the other side of the Kunene River in southern Angola.

They have over the years held firmly to their cultural beliefs. They defied western influence and upheld culture practice that many find absurd.

The people of Himba have a practice called “Okujapisa Omukazendu” meaning offering wife to the guest. It is a practice where a man allows his guest to sleep with his wife on the night of his visit as a sign of excitement or joy over the visit.

On this night the husband has to sleep in a separate Hut. In a situation whereby there is no available Hut, the husband sleeps outside.

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Polygamy is also a common practice among the Himba tribe.

The people also do not take their baths with water. This is because of the harsh climate situation in the region. Instead, they make use of the red Ochre on their skin and then make use of a daily smoke bath in order 5o maintain their hygiene. This doesn’t not make them less pretty.

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