Anglican Diocese Begins Building Schools For Physically/Mentally Challenged In Nnewi

The Anglican Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Ndubuisi Chukwuka Obi, has unveiled the urgent and cogent plan of the Diocese to build a special school that will house persons with physical and mental disabilities in Nnewi. gathered that the Diocese already taking care of people with different mental disorders started the building of a school called Archbishop Okpala Psycho-Spiritual Therapy Center, to better house and treat them.

The over sixty (60) people suffering from different forms of mental illness will be moved from St. Thomas Otolo, Nnewi, to the new center where they will be fully taken care of and possibly rehabilitated. The building which is already in construction will house both the home and therapy center.

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Our correspondent also learned that the Diocese is also building a school for the physically challenged which will be dedicated to improving the standard of education for the hearing impaired and physically challenged.

The center will provide educational therapy and academic tutoring for students with learning difficulties due to academic challenges, disabilities, and traumatic brain injury. The school which is currently in DCC Nkwo Nnewi will move to the center when completed.

According to the Bishop, both schools will ensure that both mentally and physically challenged persons will go off the street both in Nnewi and environs.

It is important to note that United Nations (UN) estimates that special needs persons who are about 25 percent of Nigeria’s population and are often neglected in various ways.

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