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7 Asian Countries With Huge Igbo Populations

by Anaedo Gurus

By Charity Onu

Ndigbo (people of Igbo) are indigenous to Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, and some parts of Delta and River States of Nigeria, with smaller portions of them found in Edo, Kogi, and Benue States.

Ndigbos are adaptive in nature and that is why they travel across borders to seek greener pastures. Igbos due to their belief in hard work and struggle for existence have been tagged by many as having a greater tendency of entering new environments making a change (positively) and improving the economy of the area.

The Igbos are all over the world, in America, in the Caribbean, in Europe, name it, there are Igbos there.  Today, Asian Igbo presence is the subject. And to do this, we decided to highlight nation-states with the most concentration of Igbos within their shores.

Doing this is hard because Igbos are hardly counted uniquely. Igbos are counted as part of the Nigerian body but ours is ours and mine is mine, we x-rayed Nigerian populations and highlight the numbers of NdiIgbo.



China is a technologically inclined country in East Asia. It is rated as the world’s most populated country, with a population of over a billion. Igbos flock to China and this is not surprising. The majority of products Igbos import come from China. 

The city of Guangzhou is said to be a mini-Igbo town. The goods sold in Guangzhou are negotiable, with fewer transportation hitches, and a favourable cost of living.

Igbos can be found in many other Chinese cities.


India is rated as the seventh-largest country by area, it is located in the Southern Asian province and has been a country with a large Igbo presence. Although the Indian police and the Nigerian High Commission have little or no many details of the number of Nigerians currently living in India.

There are feelers that the Igbo community in India is about fifty percent of the total Nigerian population residing in India. They live majorly in these cities of India, including Lucknow, Bangalore, Chennai, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and New Delhi.



Indonesia also called the Republic of Indonesia, is a country located in Southeastern Asia, it is sited between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific ocean. Indonesia is on the list of the Asian nations because there are tens of thousands of Igbos, with Igbos been the second-largest Nigerian ethnic group dominating Indonesia.

A greater population of Igbos residents in Indonesia live mostly in Jakarta which is the largest city in the country.



Malaysia, also colloquially referred to as “Malay” by many of its Igbo immigrants, is a country in the Southeast Asian region. The country is known for its rainforests, beaches, with a mix of European, Indian,  cultural, and Chinese influences.

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A lot of Igbo businessmen are residence in Malaysia, they engage in various levels of business and it is not uncommon to see them on return to Ala Igbo with Malay affixed to their name. Okey na Malay, Edu Malaysia, Emeka Malay, etc.

South Korea

South Korea (the Republic of Korea) is a country located in the East of Asia, the country is sited in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, it borders North Korea.

Over the years, they have been a huge influx of foreigners especially Igbos into Korea in search of employment/ business opportunities to improve their livelihood

Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is a country located in western Asia, it is the largest country in the middle east region of Asia and is known to be highly commercial, building an economy that is fighting to live off the coloration of an oil-producing nation.

The Igbo businessmen and other businessmen from Nigeria who engage in different levels of business in Saudi Arabia are on the safe side as the Nigerian Government and the Saudi Arabian Leadership agreed to set up a Business Council, the aim of the platform was to bring together business-minded individuals from the 2 countries to increase the volume of bilateral trade.

Of recent, Saudi Arabia has become a go-to country for doctors fleeing Nigeria.



Japan is not a country you could claim is open to immigrants. For a country of its size and affluence, Japan has narrower doors for outsiders. But if a country is on earth, if humans survive there, Igbos would be there, hence so of the relatively small percentage of Nigerians in Japan, Igbos hold a majority.

There is a huge Igbo community in Tokyo, the world’s most populous city with about 40 million souls.

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