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All Factories Located In Enugu City Ranked

Enugu State is slowly turning into an industry and factory-friendly area where factories can be situated in and feel at home. It is to this fact that Enugu State especially the city is turning into one of the most industrialized areas in the South-Eastern part of the country. 

Enugu can be reached by air, by road, and by rail, and the city is regarded as the capital of the region meaning that it is never short of political and economic attention. It is centrally placed, too. Below is the list of top factories situated within Enugu City:


Anammco is the short form of Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company.

Anammco is one of the leading factories in the city of Enugu. Located in Plot 18 Airport Road, Industrial Layout, Emene, Enugu, Anammco is a Nigerian Commercial Vehicle manufacturing and assembly plant for mostly heavy-duty vehicles and trucks, big buses, dumpers, lifters, and loaders.

Innoson Technical and Industrial Ltd


Innoson is rapidly influencing the economy of Enugu State through its plants and manufacturing centre. They specialize in the making of household goods such as ceiling, plastic tables and chairs, plates, spoons and other household items.

This column doesn’t tell the whole story of the magnitude and reach of Innoson. In fact, the whole of this post wouldn’t come close.

Innoson is located at Plot W/L Industrial Layout, Emene.

Hardis And Dromedas Limited

This is one of the numerous factories located in the urban area of Enugu and is strategically located at Suite A3, Goshen Plaza, 38 Garden Avenue, GRA. They are into the manufacture of toiletries and some other numerous hygienic items or products.

B.O MBA Industrial Food Chemicals Ltd

This is a manufacturing company in Enugu that deals with the production of chemicals used for cooking food such as Caramel and other syrups for the making of food items such as cakes and other confectionery.

Juhel Nigeria

Juhel is one of the masters in the pharmaceutical industry and Enugu State is lucky to have them situated in the state because of the quality of their products and then the boost they give the economy. They are situated at Number 35 Nkwubor Road, Emene.

Nigeria Breweries


The Nigeria Breweries is the number one brewing company in the country and has one of its main production centres in Enugu State at Amaeke Ngwo, 9th Mile Corner, Ama, Enugu State.

Dalex Paints

The Chemical paint factory is one of the most popular factories located across the state and Dalex Paints is one of the best in the state.


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Dalex Paints manufactures and distributes Dalex paints and their coatings. They are located at No. 11 Obeludu Crescent, Trans Ekulu, Enugu.

Transit Support Services Limited TSS


This factory is located right after Anammco By Plot 6 Industrial Layout, Destiny Bus stop, Emene, Enugu. They are into the manufacturing and assembly of heavy-duty trucks, road tractors and other vehicles.

It is a branch of ABC Transport Plc.

Emenite Limited

Emenite limited coincidentally sounds just like where it is situated, Emene, which is the industrial hub of Enugu State. Emenite limited is into the manufacture of building materials such as high-quality fibre roofing sheets and Cement building boards.

Located at the outskirts of Emene, Emenite Limited is one of the power changers in the ranks of the producers of building materials.

It is located at No. 7 Old Abakaliki Road, Emene.


Alo Aluminum

Alo Aluminum deals with the making, sales, and supplies of corrugated aluminum sheets and also with the installation of the product.
Like most other factories in Enugu State, they have strategically located in Abakaliki Expressway, Emene.

Intecil Products Ltd

The Intecil Products is a well-known brand in the business of making soap and detergents in Nigeria and they are also one of the numerous factories that are situated right in the heart of the city. They produce laundry soaps, multi-purpose soaps especially the popular ASDA Soap.

They are also located in Emene, Enugu.

Written by Prince Chime


Editor’s note: If we left out any factory in Enugu or its immediate environs, we apologize for the error. Write to us at, listing the factory(s) we left out, and we will include the company. Thank you.

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