There are multiple earths and each contains an alternative you

Do You Know There Is An Alternative Earth With A Carbon-Copy Version Of You?

by Okechukwu

Yes, in science fiction, there is. No one would argue with that, but this isn’t sci-fi. Somewhere in the unfathomable span of space, there exists a replica of this planet, a replica of the continents, a replica of the countries and cities, and a replica of you, an alternative you.

Christians’ heaven and earth, Catholics’ purgatory, Muslims’ jahannam and jannah, the Hindus’ Svarga loka, etc. all point to the ancient awareness that this world that we live in, that we are aware of, that we study is not all there is to it.

Space is seen as the collection of all galaxies, thousands of them in one body of space. But there is evidence from quantum mechanics that our space is not the only space out there.

There can be hundreds, nay thousands of other spaces, replicas of this one.

10 Reasons the Multiverse is a Real Possibility | HowStuffWorks


It is also possible there are countless replicas of the Milky Way and uncountable replicas of earth.

To put it lightly, there many replicas of you.


Don’t hurl something yet.

Yes, yes, it is ridiculous but not a BS, not entirely a BS. Because of one word, but. It is all ridiculous but is it possible? That is the question. Science and technology have made nonsense of the word impossible. Nothing is impossible.

It is about when it can be achieved or how to prove it.

In the case of a replica you, a replica earth, a replica space, etc., we turn to the science of quantum mechanics.


…But scientific

In quantum mechanics which is a branch of physics, every elementary particle, electron or photon, has multiple states by the law of superposition. In layman’s terms, your phone has multiple states of existence that make it possible for your phone to exist in its phone, but you can only see your phone, nothing else.

To use an elementary mathematical example, 77 + 23 will give you 100. But 77 and 23 are not the only combination that will give us 100. 77 + 23 happens to be the equation we can see. But there are hundreds of other equations that can give us 100.


44 + 66, 93 + 7, 109 – 9, 10 X 10, 244 – 144, etc. can all give us 100. So 44 + 66, 109 – 9, etc are all replicas of the 100 equation.

But the mathematical law of function waves, all the states that make up your phone are real but not all of them are probable from your point of view.

So when you look at your phone, what you see is the form of your phone that your eyes can measure at this point in it. If you come back to your phone in ten minutes’ time, you would see a phone that is ten minutes’ time permits you to see.


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Time is the most important determiner of elements in quantum mechanics. If you come back to your phone in ten minutes’ time, you would most likely see the same form because the time may be too short for a definite formation change.

But when we discuss the universe, we have billions of years and a lot could have been altered in such length of time. The forms of the earth would not have been the same.

Meet Hugh Everett

Hugh Everett III was a mathematician and what they called an iconoclastic quantum theorist. In the 1950s, starting from 1954, while a Ph.D. student at Princeton University, United States of America, he postulated that an element can superimpose into many states but none of these states or branches are improbable.


According to him each branch is real and is independent of other branches.

When you are looking at your phone, you see only one of the branches that forms the whole phone. But, which is where Everett deviates, you as an observer is part of the system that creates what you see when you look at the phone.

He is saying that there are many of you and only an aspect of you sees an aspect of the phone.

We take it again. Let’s call you Chike. So, you Chike, is looking at your phone. But there are five branches of your smartphone and five branches of Chike, each Chike seeing an aspect of your Infinix Hot 5.


Utter nonsense, you think?

Don’t lower your voice, you are not alone. Physicists and mathematicians of his days, dismissed Everett’s theory. Faced with the possibility of not ever finishing his doctorate, he had to cut off three-quarters of his thesis and submitted a heavily toned-down version.

Everett went on to become a defence contractor and hit the bottle hard, so hard that to his two children, he was just “a lump of furniture sitting at the dining room table”.


But his idea never died

Actually, Everett’s idea wasn’t entirely new. As far as 300 years before Christ, scientists have suspected that this our earth is not a loner in the entire span of universe. But from the 1960s and peaking in the ’70s, scientists to seriously consider the idea of Everett.

But it wasn’t quantum mechanism that gave birth to the final jigsaw that united the theory. It was physical cosmology. They came up with the theory of cosmic inflation.


Cosmic inflation

Cosmic inflation, or cosmological inflation (and sometimes just inflation). According to this theory, the universe in its early stage of development expanded so much within, doubling within fractions of a second. The universe has continued to expand but in a which slower version.

Why Do Physicists Say A Multiverse Has To Exist? | by Ethan Siegel | Starts With A Bang! | Medium

This gave rise to the Hubble Volume. This is a space, usually spherical, containing everything that one can observe with the aid of the most powerful super-telescope. Each and all the galaxies around it are contained in our own Hubble Volume.

Like the layers of onion, there are an infinite numbers of Hubble Volume and dozens of them are similar to ours and contain everything in our own.

There are dozens of Hubble Volumes like ours, containing earths like ours, with continents like ours, and with people, many of them your carbon-copy, DNA, fingerprints, facial recognition, the same.

Everett’s states of every matter is actually states in different volumes.

You are not alone in this universe


This is logic behind this science is simple. During the expansion of the universe, so many Hubble Volumes came into existence at the same time with our own and evolved at the same time and developed the same time.

Scientists Search for Evidence of the Multiverse in the Big Bang's Afterglow | WIRED

Let’s call our own Hubble Volume A. You, Amaka, in Volume A does not have the same free will with alternative you Amaka in Amaka B. Nor the same with the Amakas in Volumes C to K. Just like 77 and 23 make 100, as much as 44 and 66, 93 and 7. It is the same you, different life trajectories.

There is a you that lives in a Nigeria where Buhari is not the president. There is a you that was born in Nigeria but now lives in Canada. That is a you that is a hot shot. Basically, there is an exact you that is happier elsewhere.

It goes both ways. There may be an alternative you in prison, a you that is broker and more miserable than this you reading this, and a you that may have died in an auto crash sef.

You will never know. It is not possible for you to see or know things beyond our Hubble Volume.

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