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Beautiful Lady With Full Beard Causes Issue Online (Photos)

Nigerians are currently reacting to beautiful pictures of a lady with beards which has surfaced online.

The young lady who is known as Harnaam Kaur converted to Sikhism when she was 16.

Sikhism forbids her from cutting hair in any part of her body.

See Photos Below:

Beautiful Lady With Full Beard Causes Issue Online (Photos)

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Below are some reactions

OtemAtum: “It’s a nice beard though. Jehovah, Allah, Moloch and other religious gods are still languishing in their spiritual cage.”

Wibusjaga: “A lady doesn’t need beards. She should get rid of them. But she won’t because she is enjoying the attention & limelight.”

Justinlean02: “Weird”

Pinky posh: “Whoaa this is unbelievable She’s so handsome”

MKO123: “Finally finally, the female are claiming the future. Looks like Amadioha younger sister

Trust my African niggas, they will just skip you like the first slice in a loaf.”


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