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If A Northerner Take Over In 2023…. – Mbaka Releases Strong Prophecy

Renowned clergyman and Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has predicted what will happen should President Muhammadu Buhari hand over power to a Northerner in 2023. reports that the 2023 general elections is just by the corner and the popular Christian cleric warned that the corporate existence of Nigeria may end immediately if the seat of power is taken over by a northern leader again.

Fr Mbaka admonished the incumbent leader to plan well and ensure power returns to the South, warning that retaining power in the north will lead to the collapse of the nation.

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The cleric said this while delivering a sermon at the adoration ground in Enugu State.

Mbaka warned Northern political big wigs to forget about leadership in the coming political era, saying there may be disaster if they attempt to impose the next President on Nigerians.

“The issue of after Buhari, the North should lead again, President Buhari should better plan well and hand over to the South, but if the north wants to take over, this country will collapse,” Daily Post quoted Mbaka as saying.

Mbaka added: “There may be no Nigeria again if the President, because of whatever, tries to hand over power back to the north. After Buhari, the Northerners should forget about leadership in this coming political era.

“If they try to make a northerner next President, disaster will happen, going forward will be impossible, going back will be a dream. Anyhow they want to do the political manoeuvring, they should make sure that justice prevails.”

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According to Mbaka, he was ministered to by the spirit of the Lord to say this because the North is planning to again install their tribesmen as the next President of the nation after Buhari, Naija News reports.

Mbaka, however, urged Buhari to remember that Nigerians trusted him when he came in and he should remember that one day he is vacating the seat of power.


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