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Amotekun Commanders Vow To Protect S/West Even Without State Police

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari’s rejection of state police has elicited mixed reactions across the country.

While the Coalition of Northern Groups, CNG, endorsed the President’s position, the Yoruba Council of Elders, YCE, disagreed with him.

Speaking during an interview with Channels Television recently, the President had said: “State police is not an option.”

State Police Is Not Solution To Curbing Insecurity In Nigeria – President Buhari

The CNG described state police as a recipe for disaster in the country

But the YCE, through its Secretary-General, Dr Kunle Olajide faulted Buhari, describing the rejection as the President’s personal opinion, to which every Nigerian is entitled.

Olajide said: “He is the president of this country; therefore, the views of Nigerians ought to influence his personal opinion, particularly when you consider the state of insecurity in the country.

“Also, in his part of the country, in the northern region, I am surprised that Mr. President believes that state police is not an option. There is no federalism anywhere in the world where the police system is centralised. There is none, particularly in a country as vast as Nigeria. Nigeria is a very big country, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Sahara desert. It is a vast country and a heterogeneous country.

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“The reality of this country is that we are different people who agreed to live together, since 1914, over 100 years. I am a Nigerian nationalist. I believe in Nigeria if it is properly managed and if we have a fully people’s federal republic and not a centralised unitary system.

“So, for me, I don’t agree with him because we are different people, different histories, different cultures, different beliefs and we must sit down together and have a new constitution, I don’t belong to the group that believes that about 250 million people should be operating on a fraudulent constitution which in its first sentence claims we, the people of Nigeria, have agreed to, whereas we never sat anywhere to agree to the 1999 Constitution.

“For me, Nigeria, as important as it is, in the entire black world, in Africa and with the quality of national and human resources that we have, we should be uncomfortable operating a fake constitution that lies against itself.”


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