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Nnewi 2023: As Nnewi Prepares For Anambra State House Of Assembly

As Uruagu Nnewi prepares to represent Nnewi North at the 8th Anambra State House of Assembly.

It is paramount for us as Ndi-Nnewi to observe, examine and scrutinize the quality, pedigree and antecedent of individuals seeking to represent Ndi-Nnewi as our rotation arrangement beacons on Uruagu Nnewi.

The term ‘legislature’ means a body which legislates. Another term, which is used as a synonym of Legislature, is ‘Parliament.’ This word derived from the French word ‘ *Parley* ’ which means to ‘talk’ or to discuss and deliberate.

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In this way, we can say ‘Parliament’ means the place where deliberations are held. Combining the two views, we can say that Legislature or Parliament is that branch of government which performs the function of law­making through deliberations.


Therefore; legislature is that organ of the government which passes the laws of the government. It is the agency which has the responsibility to formulate the will of the state and vest it with legal authority and force. In simple words, the legislature is that organ of the government which formulates laws in any democratic state. It is the assembly of the elected representatives of the people and represents the opinion and power of the people.




Ndi-Nnewi should look out for those individuals who have distinguished his/her self in any dignified field of endeavour (Any Source of legal livelihood ) to examine clearly that source of livelihood managed successfully which existed before, in a logically means that precedes another before now.


As the saying goes “It’s Youth O’clock” Nnewi should not be left out in choosing a young energetic individual who is mentally, socially and educationally sound to answer the clarions call in representing us in the 8th Anambra State House of Assembly.


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That Individual must be energetic enough to face any task and be ready to go extra miles in making sure that na Oke Nnewi aya efu na Ekebe Oke na Anambra State.




As we look out for the best hand to represent our interest in 2023 election, We should look out for that individual who has the capacity to parley other house members to vote and support his/her bills through a superior dialogue and a healthy compromises.



That individual whom Ndi-Nnewi should support is that Nwa Nnewi who understands that legislature acts as the highest forum for ventilation of public grievances against the state. Besides representing every interest and shade of opinion, the individual must acts as a messenger for expressing public opinion, public grievances and public aspirations. He/she must have that diplomatic tendencies to channel the grieviances of his/her constituents to the government and get it resolved either through lobby or legislative process.


The individual to watch out, rally and support to represent Ndi-Nnewi in the 8th ASHA is that individual who shows commitment in rendering his stewardship Annually till the Four (4) years elapses and match his/her words with actions when it comes to accountability and transparency.

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Since political parties are the vehicle of conveyance to any elective post in a democratic setting, Ndi-Nnewi should look out to those pro people’s parties who are willing to hear the yearning of the populace.


Ndi Nnewi should look out to that individual who has the ability or quality of being loyal, faithful to commitments or obligations. faithful adherence to agreements and treaties with Ndi-Nnewi not abandoning our collective course to an individualistic agenda. We need a man with fierce loyalty.

On this note, I call on stakeholders, elders and dear youth of our town to rise to this occasion as Uruagu prepares to represent us in the 8th ASHA.


Long live Nnewi.
Long live Umu Nnewi.
And God bless us all.


By Uzoh Jiagbogu



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