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2023 Presidency: Arewa Forum Warns Southerners Over Issuing of Threat

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has cautioned politicians and interest groups in Nigeria’s southern region to stop making threats and ultimatums if the area does not get the presidency in 2023.

In a statement made accessible to Newsmen in Kaduna, ACF Secretary-General Murtala Aliyu emphasized that the North providing the country’s next president should not upset the South.

“The days of Northerners being blackmailed and frightened by threats of restructuring, secession, breakup, or collapse of Nigeria are long gone,” he said.

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The Secretary-General stated that the North does not aim to rule any section of the nation and that it would not accept serfdom.


ACF explained that those issuing ultimatums were to be pitied, knowing that they knew not what they were doing.

The statement added that they owned no patent nor monopoly of the art or science of ultimatums.

The statement titled, “Enough of the blackmail”, stated that Southerners do not contest the fact that the North has 78 percent of the landmass of Nigeria, but refused to accept that the North has over 55 percent of the population of Nigeria.

It added that the voting population in the Northwest region of the North alone is bigger than those of the South-East and South-South combined, stressing “the South would never acknowledge the fact that all the beef, all the tomatoes, the onions, the beans, etc. consumed in the South are produced in the North.”

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“They contest every fact, every principle, including those that formed the basis of our union, such as our federation, our system of administration, our democracy, among others,” the statement explained.

ACF pointed out that as the country inched towards the 2023 elections, it came as no surprise that some Southern politicians were giving their Northern counterparts an ultimatum.


The statement noted that Nigeria’s Fourth Democratic Republic is about 22 years old, of which the North ruled for only 10 years.

It observed that in-spite of this, some southern politicians were furious, issuing dare warnings against the election of any Northerner as president.

It said that it had to be stated clearly and for the avoidance of any doubt that the North was not and had never been opposed to the election of any Nigerian from any part of the country as President.


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It warned that anything that would be done to achieve that must be according to the law and democratic principles.



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