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“In Media there’s no Turning Point, it is a Work in Progress” – Eminent Boss, Obizoba Shares Experience as He Marks 10 Years in Business

Uche Obizoba Henry is the CEO of eminent magazine. He shared with ANAMBRA PEOPLE the reason behind his decision to leave biochemistry for media and equally talked about his experience for a decade he has been in the media business and his company’s tenth anniversary. Excerpt;

How did you get the idea to start up your own media company?

As a writer, I thought of a broader means of reaching out to my audience and getting more attention, hence, I graduated from not just being an author but also a publisher. The idea of the name of my magazine emanated from my study of Biochemistry, people used to call us in school ‘Eminent Biochemists’.

Why did you deviate from Biochemistry to media?

Passion is what makes a man different from others. Even though I am a biochemist, my passion is rooted in media. I have continued to project biochemistry through the media.


What really does Eminent do as a media company?

Media is so broad that one cannot really cover its entire facet. We have grown from just publishing to photography to cinematography to branding and then printing. Right now with our years of experience we can undertake any assignment or project related to media.

How tough is the media business in Nigeria?

Saying it is tough will be an understatement, our leaders haven’t done so well to give us an enabling environment to run business with ease. Just like every other business, the state of the economy rub so much on us. But if you ask me a second time I will categorically tell you that media business is the toughest business one can ever do. Simply put, if not for passion, there is no reason for me to remain in the business. I was glad when a colleague said to me that I have become a point of reference to encourage him and others in the media industry not to quit.

You have been in the media business for 10 years, when do you consider the turning point of your business?

In media there’s no turning point, it is a work in progress. Like I said earlier, it is a business that has a gestation period. So for me, a steady and consistent growth in the industry is a turning point.

With all the challenges, what really has kept you going these 10 years?


Like my friend Ogbuefi Igotok in his song, Grace, grace is all that have kept me going, nothing else. I have always believed that my magazine is divinely ordained. God has made it possible to stay despite what the consistent challenges. So it is a thing of testimony and joy to see us keep flourishing. I once nearly left the business and a whole lot of companies I had built friendship with were ready to embrace me with a mouthwatering employment offer. I was offered a managerial position in one oil and gas company and the next day I was meant to give them my final reply, a client paid me a huge sum of money for publication and that canceled the whole idea of quitting in my thought.

What innovation do you expect people to see in this business going forward?

Like I said earlier, it is a work in progress. My audience would expect an additional value in service, more online presence and online publication, improved quality in our publications and services generally. We hope to venture fully in other areas of the media which time and money will tell.


What are the events you have rolled out to mark the 10th anniversary of Eminent Media?

We are making plans for a big event and we have equally rolled out plans to entertain and thrill our clients. We would honor some distinguished eminent personalities with a Hall of Fame Awards and usher in the next phase of our brand.



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