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How To Attract And Keep An Anambra Man

By Ezinne Obah

Eastern Nigeria is popularly known for breeding quintessential men that have the utmost capacity in controlling wealth to their favour and also their easy touch towards their women.

But their is something more exceptional about igbo men from Anambra state that almost every young woman would love to have all to her self. One would wonder, why most young ladies have a soft spot for these men?

Some will reckon it to their economic prowess and some to how they idolise their spouses and take extreme care of them like raw gold. Well, who would not love to be treated finesse?

If you have been having issues in relating with an Anambra man, or having ill-luck in attracting and possibly keeping them to yourself, then this article I must assure you is a 5 star to kick-start a long lasting romance with an “Odogwu” from the east (Anambra).


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Dress like a lady, look classy and most importantly dress and look sexy: Anambra men do not joke with how they would want their lovers to look like, especially in dressing. So if you really want to attract a real Anambra man, do not joke with your physical looks, always dress for the occasion and be ready to be flaunted as gold.

No matter how you admire or love an Anambra man,  please do not be the first to make an approach (especially those in business). This particular scenario brings a bell that sends three(3) messages that is being received differently depending on the individual; (1) he either thinks you are cheap or (2) he sees it as a ‘puncture’ to his pride and will be extremely difficult getting him depending on his level of exposure. (3) he becomes suspicious and thinks it is a set up. So my beautiful ladies, try to consciously increase your ‘green light’s but please be careful with your moves ‘odogwu di very wise.’

An Anambra man’s accent is his trademark, especially when communicating in English language,  there is always the mother tongue interference; the ‘ch’ for ‘sh’ and ‘l’ for ‘r.’ Endeavour to flow with them without criticism or constant correction. The only language they try to speak in clearly with no interference is that of money.

Remember to speak good English with a touch of ‘tush’ Igbo. Do not be surprise sister but this here gives them a form of premium joy and they see you as a good representative to the cooperative world. You eventually become a trophy they would not want to trade for anything, excluding money though.

#BBNaija: “The Goal Is To Make Money As An Igbo Boy,” – WhiteMoney

Money is Anambra man and an Anambra man is money. If you as a lady learn the act of separating business from pleasure then you are on the right track. An Anambra would not mind chasing his truck of goods than chasing a young beautiful damsel, to him you cannot give him visa to the country he has not yet been to. So to enjoy an Anambra man and have peace of mind, respect his business,  very important.


Additional knowledge,  this one is like the ‘boss’ of them all. The mom to an Anambra man is the final say, try as much as you can to win her to your side. Once an Anambra mother loves you, no Jupiter is holding your place as ‘oriaku.’ She is the prophetess that eventually knows the lady that will make or destroy her son, so no matter how much an Anambra man loves you and his mother does not, it takes the intervention of angel Gabriel to win the battle.

Five Reasons Most Igbo Men Marry Late

In africa, especially in Igboland, a man who has lost his human dignity is no longer into touch with his fellows and his society’s values (mbitti, 1990: p.52). Respect your men, love them as god that they are and you will realise how beautiful love can be.



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