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3 Diabetes Symptoms You Might Miss

Diabetes is one of the diseases that has plagued the world for various reasons, including our lifestyle, genetic hereditary factors, and so on.

Like every other disease, it has it symptoms. Some are common, while others are not. Many symptoms are even insidious.

The initial symptoms of diabetes are usually so very common that one could easily miss them, or not pay attention, which in most cases cause the disease to progress.

For instance, tingling sensations in the hands and feet turned out to be signs of rising blood sugar in Lagos-based man’s system. He had been putting it down as pins-and-needles until a test was done

According to Cano Health, one of America’s leading primary care providers for seniors and families, here are five of such symptoms:


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Frequent Urination

One of the earliest signs of diabetes is frequent visits to the toilet, especially at night.

This is a clear sign that the level of sugar is high.

Notice that urination may increase after the consumption of sweetened foods.

The reason for the increased urination is because the high levels of sugars act as a water pill.

Blurry Vision


The high levels of glucose cause distortion of the light waves in the eye.

Many people at this point think it’s just an eye defect, while in reality they have high glucose that needs to be lowered.



Constipation may be experienced for no reason at all.

The reason is that high levels of glucose can damage the nerves in the intestine and lead to slowness in motility.

This may be experienced more times over a few months.


The only way to make a diagnosis of diabetes is to see a healthcare provider and undergo a routine blood test.


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