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How To Know When The Relationship Is Right By Hapi Nwoye

A lot of people as it seem are now settling for ‘who’s ready’ and not ‘who they are in love with’. Ok, when I mean ready I am talking about people who to them look financially steady, can provide, help out with the bills and sustain the family. It now looks like love is been swept under the carpet or left for those that can deal with the ‘struggles’ or ‘wait’ that come with true love.

Sadly, majority of divorces in the society today happens as a result of incompatibility (simply put; not matching each other or falling out of place with each other’s likes and dislikes). It had been discovered that the problem is actually from the genesis of the relationship, when both parties involved decided to just make due and see where the relationship leads just like I described in the first paragraph.

How To Make Your Relationship Last

With all of these established, there is the need to not just know but to fully understand when the relationship is right:

The first point of knowing this is when you meet someone for the first time and you both click in so many ways.


Secondly, you get attracted to each other and fall truly in love as you get to know each other better.

Thirdly, you feel super comfortable with them and don’t have to pretend to be someone else or anything else.

The way you stare at each other with eyes full of admiration, attraction and undying feelings for each other.

You can talk on and on about anything and don’t feel like you are wasting time.

You can both bare your ‘soul (problems and thoughts) out without fear of being misunderstood and if you get misunderstood you clear the air and things get back to normal.

You both accept each other’s flaws and try to make things work regardless.

5 Tips On How To Start A Relationship Right


When the relationship gets rocky you both look out for each other and provide comfort.

Spending forever together brings so much joy to your hearts.

When you finally get married you both can’t get enough of each other even after the ‘honey phase (early years of marriage).


Darlings, if you have all of these, I assure you that you struck gold! (You are in the right relationship). But if you don’t, then you should try to find true love and stick with it!


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