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IMO KILLINGS: IPOB Dares Uzodinma, Reveals ESN Will Attack Ebubeagu

The Eastern Security Network, according to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is prepared to put an end to the alleged careless slaughter of the Ebubeagu security unit.

In response to the recent massacre in Imo State, IPOB pledged to “unleash its poison” on Ebubeagu.

According to reports, 14 innocent Imo teenagers returning from a customary wedding in Awo-Mmamma were killed by the Ebubeagu a few weeks ago.

According to reports, Ebubeagu entered Izombe town in the early hours of Saturday while sporadically shooting at innocent bystanders and instantly murdering two persons.

IPOB Claims That Ebubeagu And Security Agencies Conspired In The Imo Killings


The group’s agents are also accused of kidnapping around 30 people, stealing some local traders’ cash and even their merchandise.

Additionally, they were accused of kidnapping some masquerades (guys from the Okorosha celebration), which is detestable in Igbo culture.
In the end, a number of homes, automobiles, motorbikes, and businesses were destroyed by fire.

In response, IPOB spokesperson Emma Powerful emphasized that ESN is mandated to protect the Southeast.

A statement by Powerful reads partly: “Following the incessant killing of innocent citizens in Imo state by the Ebubeagu militia formed by Imo Imo State’s Hope Uzodinma, we the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu wish to state unequivocally and openly to all and sundry that IPOB is about to unleash its venom on the terrorist Ebubeagu for the countless massacre of our people, especially in Imo state.

UPDATE: Umahi Reveals Real Reason Ebubeagu Was Created

“IPOB is very much aware that the murderous members of Ebubeagu were drafted from militants from the coastal part of Biafra (South-South), Fulani bandits, and some notorious criminal Igbo boys. The objective of the creation of this murderous outfit is not to stop criminal activities but to harass, intimidate and depopulate innocent Igbo youths, which they have been doing unchallenged for a while now. This evil outfit conducts illegal arrests of people and extorts hundreds of thousands of Naira as ransom before their hapless victims are freed.

“Those who are not able to raise the thousands demanded of them for their freedom are killed. This murderous militia took as much as N500,000 from their unfortunate victims. We have evidence of those they extorted to bail themselves with such exorbitant amounts before they were freed.


“The Imo State people’s choice Governor was upturned by Fulani-controlled judiciary in favour of Hope Uzodimma to do this dirty job of slaughtering our innocent youths and destroying our people’s properties. Hope has used Ebubeagu to kill and destroy so many lives and homes in Imo State that it has become mind-boggling and has to be stopped. The recent killing in Ugbele Izombe in Oguta LGA can only be described as genocide and we won’t allow such to continue in Biafraland.

LATEST: IPOB Reveals How Umahi, Ebubeagu Killed Three Igbo Youths

IPOB has kept quiet for so long and have appealed to Hope Uzodima to disband the blood-sucking demons he created, but all to no avail. Now it has become obvious to us that Hope Uzodinma and his masters are spilling the blood of our people for diabolical reasons in addition to the depopulation of Imo youths agenda. IPOB have the responsibility to defend our people and our land against invading terrorists. We are therefore declaring every Ebubeagu member a persona non-grata in Igboland. Going forward,


“IPOB leadership has given a matching order to ESN volunteers to go after the murderous Ebubeagu group and stop them from killing our people.”


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