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‘It’s Not A Threat, APC Senators Ready To Impeach Buhari’ – Senator Jev

Senator Orker Jev, who represents the Benue North-West senatorial district, believes that President Muhammadu Buhari’s impeachment is not merely a threat.

The legislator claimed that practically everyone is unhappy with the way things are in the nation and that everyone agrees that insecurity is the country’s biggest problem in an interview with Newsmen.

According to Jev, some politicians are unable to visit their home states because to insecurity, but now that things have spread to the capital, there is nowhere to run.

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Jev continued by saying that everyone, including APC senators, is upset about the current security situation and that nobody is willing to risk his life to defend something that cannot be defended.


He said: “Well, that day, we went into executive session. I think only one person among all the senators present objected to the impeachment.

“Almost everyone, regardless of party affiliation, was dissatisfied with the state of the country.

“Everybody has agreed that insecurity is the number one problem we have in this country. At the point we were talking, it had come to the nation’s capital. There are some representatives who can no longer go to their places again because of insecurity in their areas. Now it has come to the nation’s capital, so where are you going to run to?

“So, the whole thing was driving home to everyone, and we have some people who have been core supporters of the President for the past three years or so, not just the APC but hard core supporters, as I always cite Senator Bokachua, who is still a member of the APC as we speak. But the assault on the capital territory is a tipping point for everybody, including the hard-core supporters of Mr. President.

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“Of course, several other issues were discovered, but that was the core issue. So the insecurity has reached the stage that the APC senators can no longer come out to defend the president.

“Nobody is happy with what is happening in the country and no one is ready to stake his neck to defend what is indefensible. Some of us, even as opposition people, don’t seriously expect that the President will be impeached, but like a Tiv proverb, which translates to ‘there is no decent way of crying.’ So it was our cry to the President to do something about insecurity.


“So, let us hope that in those six weeks he will wake up because I heard what the spokesman for the president said which is very unfortunate. They think their job is to come and defend what is indefensible.”.


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