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Igbo Think Tank, Cosmos Ndukwe Salute Obasanjo, Clark For Endorsing Peter Obi

Dr. Cosmos Ndukwe, a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate in the 2022 presidential primary, has praised President Olusegun Obasanjo and Chief Edwin Clark for supporting the Labour Party’s Peter Obi ahead of the presidential election on February 25.

Professor Ihechukwu Madubuike, a former minister of education who also praised the pair, called their support “a public voice resonating with the principles of justice, equity, inclusion, good conscience, and, in favor of a new “tribe,” of competence and capacity.”

This is in line with the endorsements’ designation as “a pan-Nigerian endorsement” by the Igbo Think Tank.

2023: Full Text of Obasanjo Endorsement Of Peter Obi

Ndukwe, who spoke with our correspondent, stated that the upcoming elections will not be focused on the candidates’ political platforms, but rather on their qualifications and moral character.


Nigeria is at a crossroads and needs a political Messiah to save her, according to the former Deputy Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly.

He praised Obasanjo and Clark for their guts in speaking out while stating his complete support for what they did.

His words: ” I’m of the PDP but I give my 100% support to the endorsements by Obasanjo and Clark. I also support what Gov. Samuel Ortom is saying.

” I’m super elated by the endorsement of Obi by Obasanjo and Edwin Clark. These are elder statesmen on their departure longue with their boarding pass, and they have seen Nigeria from the cradle.

” We are looking for somebody who is ready to pull Nigeria from consumption to production country. This is not the time for political correctness but the bitter truth that can save this country because Nigeria is sick.

Group Backs Obasanjo, Ortom, Edwin Clark, Other’s Endorsement of Peter Obi

“We need strong, vibrant, intelligent and visionary young people with integrity that the world can reckon with. All over other progressive countries of the world, it’s young people that are coming on board.


” We don’t need people that we will be changing their diapers or people junketing the world on picnics. We need somebody who will salvage this country from total collapse.”

Continuing Ndukwe said:” That endorsement is proper and timely. They are speaking to Nigerian youths to take over their country from political hijackers.

” What we are voting in the forthcoming election is individual’s capacity and those ready to move the country forward. This issue of party loyalty has terribly put the country backwards.


” This time, we need competence and integrity. Among all the presidential candidates, Obi stands out very clear like 7-Up which has the slogan ‘ the difference is clear’”.

When asked if the PDP would sanction him for endorsing the candidate of another party, Ndukwe dared the group.

Kwankwaso Blasts Obasanjo, Clark For Endorsing Peter Obi 


When asked if he was concerned that his position might result in party discipline, he responded, “What type of stick are they going to use that hasn’t been used?

” Nigeria is sick and needs a surgeon. You cannot take a heart disease patient to a gynaecologist; you take him to a cardiologist. Nigeria has heart disease and needs to see a Cardiologist, and that Cardiologist is Obi”.

Professor Madubuike said Obasanjo’s endorsement was unbiased and objective, and urged Nigerians to heed it.

“It distances itself from political chauvinism and individualism, especially of the emi-lokan variety, to embrace a universalist political ideal which also promotes a consciousness that is pro-African- of being our brother’s keepers; that puts into relevance the lessons of the irreversible ravages of time and age on our individual capacities and competences, of water never flowing backwards.

“It is a voice to incubate a community of sharing, that is tolerant , youth-sensitive and forward- looking; a country with a praxis to become a nation and ready to drive the process of growth and greatness that has eluded us all this while.


2023: I Don’t Need Obasanjo, Others Endorsement To Win Election – Sowore

” A country under a servant God-fearing leadership that listens, is youth friendly, humble and visionary, encompassing OBJ’s TVCP principles of nation building. It is a valent ,utilitarian epistle.

” We should make it a gospel, a message of political rejuvenation, of economic and moral redemption for Nigeria.”

The Chairman of the Igbo Think Tank’s Board of Trustees, Professor Madubuike Ezeibe, praised Obasanjo in particular for speaking the painful truth in a separate interview.


Obasanjo, according to the professor of virology, didn’t speak for himself but rather for the vast majority of Nigerian elders.

He claimed that in addition to having the most power rotation, Obi stands out among other presidential candidates in the eyes of Nigerian elders and progressive thinkers from many geopolitical zones.

” OBJ’s endorsement is loaded. It’s a pan-Nigerian endorsement. He didn’t speak for himself but for other elders.


” It’s just like the situation in 1999 when Nigeria elders decided to put forward Obasanjo to quell the trouble in the South West region arising from the annulment of June 12,1993 presidential election.

PDP Crisis: Man Behind Suit Against Atiku, PDP, Tambuwal Revealed

” The elders met and decided to save the situation by paving the way for the South West to produce the President. Olu Falae and Olusegun Obasanjo were made the presidential candidates of the two leading political parties.


” This was planned and not by accident. It restored peace to the country. The same way, the way to solve the problem in the country now is by allowing the South East to produce the President.

” The presidency has been rotated, but why are they trying truncate it because it’s the turn of the South East? If they do it, it may lead to crisis we may not be able to handle.

“For instance, on Mondays they say we should stay at home. But if police say:’don’t mind them, have they been able to protect the people?”


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