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Atiku Should Honourably Step Down For Peter Obi – Gabros

As the 2023 General election inches closer, Anambra state born business Mogul, Chief Gabriel Chukwuma popularly known as GABROS has appealed to the presidential candidate of the people’s Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to honourably step down for the Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi. He argues that Atiku is not even supposed to be in the race in the first place saying it is not the turn of the North to occupy the office of the President of the Federal Republic.

“Atiku is just deliberately destroying PDP’s Zoning arrangement. He is fomenting trouble. It is the turn of South not North. His candidacy is irritating and therefore cannot stand, I think the honourable thing he can do, is to step down for Peter Obi.

“Again, his party is in disarray with many Governors going their different ways, I want to pray him to back down and support Peter Obi to win, and win very well”. Chukwuma enthused.


Similarly, the international businessman and football Administrator equally wants the APC Presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu to also drop his ambition. According to him “Tinubu’s presidential ambition is not in the interest of the country. He is only planning to raise another “Cabal” to be in charge of the country which cannot work again. He should swallow pride, show pity on a dying country and allow who can revive the country win the election.


Continuing, he said “I am not against Muslim-Mushin ticket at all; I am emphasizing capability, capacity, mental and physical, and then competence. If the Muslim – Muslim ticket had involved Muslims in the mould of Senator Datti, the vice Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, I cannot object. Competence is key in today’s Nigeria.
Chief Chukwuma expressed immense gratitude to the duo of former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and former Federal Commissioner, Chief Edwin Clarke for openly endorsing Mr. Peter Obi, describing them as elder statesmen with extra-ordinary courage and patriotic zeal.

According to Chukwuma “Nobody should joke with Obasanjo. He is a very blunt and truthful elder statesman; his endorsement of Peter Obi is an act of patriotism. Nobody loves Nigeria more than the former President.

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“And for those of us, who know Edwin Clarke very closely, he does not tilt towards frivolities, Clarke is a serious minded elderly statesman, he has patriotic zeal and always wants the best for the country.

“Nigerians should welcome and applaud their endorsement of Peter Obi, that is the way to go”.

“ I have personally consulted with my friends from the six geo-political zones of the country, and I can tell you that Peter Obi is everybody’s choice especially those who consider the future of the country. From the North to West, the consensus is that Peter Obi represents the future of this country. And when we talk about future, we talk about our children and children’s children. I, for one, I have seen my future and I am done with it, all these persons endorsing Peter Obi have all seen their future but they are working for the younger generation whose future will be plugged into jeopardy if we miss the opportunity of electing Mr. Peter Obi as the next President of Nigeria”.

The famed Gabros International Football club President and sole sponsor asked that anti- Peter Obi elements in the South East should be largely ignored because they don’t know what they are doing. And they are not speaking for South East.


“Let me tell you, Governor Soludo of Anambra State is only acting on a mere promise made to him, surprisingly, he doesn’t know that the promise can hardly be fulfilled. He spoke for himself and his selfish ambition.


“And for Arthur Eze, I have a lot of respect for him. I will take a date; go to him to tell him that nobody should deceive him. What Arthur needs is proper information while telling him the implications of his present stand on the nation as a whole”.


Chief Chukwuma who claims that Peter Obi’s performance while in the office as Anambra State Governor is the reason why he is supporting his presidential ambition has advised sitting Governors to pick one or two lessons from Peter Obi.

What is helping Peter Obi today is his record as Anambra state Governor. His performance was outstanding, he never borrowed, he paid salaries and pensions, built infrastructures and while exiting office still left humongous amounts of money in both Local and foreign currency, which state has it ever happened? Other Governors should emulate him, so that they can be supported when they seek a higher office.

“Peter Obi has what it takes to fix Nigeria, halt the rising debt profile by halting the borrowing spree.


“I am not a politician, I am not a contractor, my prayer to our politicians and contractors especially those that benefit from mis-governance is for them to bury their greed in the interest of the country by giving Peter Obi a chance, our children and children’s children will be better for it”.

He expressed optimism that the threat by regional agitators, that the election will be disrupted cannot come real, saying that the boys are rightly angry, but the moment the right things are done, you see them drop their agitation. And the right thing is principally, electing Peter Obi.

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“In an atmosphere of general systems breakdown, massive corruption and mis-governance, you can always expect agitations but the moment the wrongs are righted normalcy returns. This is why my singular request for Peter Obi is to take care of the poor masses. The moment the poor masses are properly taken care of, agitation will disappear, crime will diminish and of course every negative thing in the country will get minimized.

I call all Nigerians therefore, to join forces together and ensure that Peter Obi is elected. He is the answer at the moment.



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