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Nancy Isime Opens Up On Nude Role In ‘Shanty Town’ Movie

Nancy Isime, a Nollywood actress who recently generated a stir on social media with her nude scene, has revealed how the scenario came about.

The sequence in which she is naked has stirred controversy online about whether or not it is her true nakedness, with others calling the scene superfluous.

The sequence, which has gotten a lot of attention from spectators, displays a subtle and intimate moment between Isime’s character and renowned actor Richard Mofe-character. Damijo’s

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In response to the conversation, Isime stated that the naked woman in the scene was actually a body double.


She wrote, “Simmer down horny boys and girls. I know those gorgeous body parts excites you but they sadly belong to my beautiful body double. Mine aren’t that succulent.

A body double is someone who stands in for an actor in a scene, usually for shots of the actor’s entire body or specific body parts, such as the back, legs, or chest.

Body duplicates are commonly utilized in the film industry for scenes involving nudity, closeness, or physical action that would be difficult or dangerous for the actor to do.

It has been employed since the early days of Hollywood to preserve the actor’s privacy and comfort, as well as to ensure that the scene is filmed in a way that is compatible with the director’s vision.

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It is also crucial to consider the laws and regulations governing nudity in film in the location where the movie is being produced.

The National Film and Video Censors Board in Nigeria prohibits explicit nudity.


The actress’s revelation has brought to light the frequent practice of using body doubles in the film business, sparking debate over how intimacy and nudity are portrayed in Nigerian movies.

Remember how actress Bimbo Ademoye triggered similar social media reactions when it appeared as if she had unclad her breast in the film ‘Anikulapo,’ but the film’s makeup artist, Hakeem Effect, subsequently revealed it was a prosthetics boobs?



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