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Vibranium: All You Need To Know About ‘Electrically Charged Stones’ Discovered In Congo

The discovery of “electrically charged stones” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was reported on Saturday. The stones are referred to as vibranium in this report.
Vibranium, however, is a hypothetical stone. It is a made-up metal that appears in Marvel Comics’ American comic novels.

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Marvel Comics claim that vibranium has surprisingly strong kinetic energy absorption, storage, and release properties.
While the DRC is rich in minerals including coltan, cobalt, copper, gold, and tin among others, ANAEDOONLINE.NG pointed out that the finding of vibranium is unreal.

In light of this, the so-called “electrically charged stones” could have been coltan, cobalt, or any other precious stone that could be found in the Central African country.

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Electrically charged stones discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.— Africa Archives ™ (@Africa_Archives) January 21, 2023

Things to know about fictional “electrically charged stones” called “vibranium” are given below:

1. Vibranium first appeared in series 13 of Daredevil, a comic book published by Marvel Comics which debuted in 1964.

2. In the book, vibranium was seen as an unusual metallic component with distinctly strange properties.

3. It was introduced to be known as Anti-Metal but Anti-Metal can conventionally be found only in Antarctica.

4. Later in 1966, according to Fantastic Four series 53, a new variation of vibranium was discovered in the isolated nation of Wakanda.

5. In the Marvel Universe, vibranium was first deposited on Earth by a meteorite 10,000 years ago.


6. Vibranium also appeared in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode “The X-Men Adventure.”
7. In music, Vibranium is also referenced in the 2019 single Take Me Back to London by Ed Sheeran featuring Stormzy in verse 3 in 2019.


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