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Keyamo Reacts Over Report On Acquiring Properties Abroad With Public Funds

Festus Keyamo, the minister of state for labor and employment, has spoken out about how he acquired a number of properties abroad, claiming he did not use public money to do so.

This happened a few days after Keyamo was made fun of on social media for showing up in front of a $300,000+ building in the United States of America.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council’s spokesman responded to critics in a statement uploaded on Twitter by confirming that the property is his and that he paid for it with earnings from his legal business.

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He claimed that he decided to use a video of his vacation in one of his properties abroad as he performed a light workout to lure the mob of people he described as sore losers at the previous elections, and they fell horribly for it.


In explaining how he acquired the property, Keyamo claimed that on March 6, 2019, he had written to the appropriate government agencies to inform them of the closure of his foreign account(s) and the repatriation of the funds—savings he had accumulated over decades as a private lawyer and property investor—to the nation.

He claimed that some people appeared to underestimate him as a result of his decision to live simply and refrain from showing off his wealth in public.

Keyamo added that people like him do not need government funds to get by.

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He wrote: “Two days ago, I decided to bait the horde of sore losers at the last elections with a video of my vacation in one of my properties abroad as I did a light workout. Expectedly, they fell so terribly for the bait.

“Being folks of low moral standards, they seem to view everyone from their own depraved universe. Given same position of public trust and authority, I bet they would easily compromise. So, they assume everyone will wallow in the same moral squalor like them.

“For some of us who have built a huge reputation of honour, integrity and accountability and championed the fight against corruption — long before public office- probity and openness remain our guiding principles.


“By letters dated March 6, 2019 (long before I was appointed a Minister and immediately I was appointed a Board member of the NDIC), and in line with our Constitution, I wrote to the relevant government agencies, informing them of the closure of my foreign account(s) and the repatriation of my funds to the country, being some savings I had made as a private legal practitioner and a property investor over decades.

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“So, I had a good laugh when I saw the trending issues regarding just one of my properties in the US. It is even very laughable to think that after active, high-profile practice of law culminating in my privilege as a member of the Inner Bar (together with being an International Arbitrator) and thoughtful investments in real estate spanning over 30 years, I cannot afford such a relatively modest property.


“Understandably, some people seem to underrate us because we live a simple, modest life and we are not given to ostentatious display of wealth and the vanities of life like some people do.

“Some of us don’t need Government funds or patronage to get by. Whatever we do and whoever we support is out of our deep convictions. And yes, we have worked our socks off in the last 30 years”



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