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Bizarre Incidents of Penis Theft Continue in Calabar, Nigerian Navy Officer Falls Victim

A strange and unsettling phenomenon has gripped Calabar, Cross River State, as reports of Penis theft continue to surface. In a shocking incident, a naval officer stationed at the Nigerian Navy Barracks, Akim, became the latest victim of this bizarre crime wave. The officer, who remains anonymous, had his penis mysteriously snatched by an alleged perpetrator identified as Samuel.

The naval officer was on duty, guarding the barracks’ entry point when a young man named Samuel entered the premises. He was promptly directed to the sentry point for routine security checks. It was during this encounter that the inexplicable incident unfolded.

While conversing with the sentry officer, the naval officer suddenly experienced an excruciating sensation described as an “electric jolt” in his genital area. To his shock and horror, he realized that his private parts had vanished without a trace. The naval officer’s distress was palpable as he grappled with this nightmarish turn of events.

Suspects Detained for Allegedly Killing Naval Officer

The Baffling Response:

The baffling aspect of this incident was the alleged perpetrator’s reaction. Samuel, the young man in question, made no effort to deny his involvement in the genital disappearance. Instead, he remained silent when confronted and subjected to a physical altercation by onlookers.


Unfolding Mystery:

The incident adds to a growing list of similar occurrences that have plagued Calabar for three consecutive weeks. Reports of male private part theft have sent shockwaves through the community, leaving residents bewildered and concerned for their safety. The motives behind these bizarre acts remain shrouded in mystery, raising questions about the psychological and social factors driving such behavior.

The unsettling trend of male private part theft in Calabar is a cause for grave concern, and its persistence demands swift and comprehensive action from law enforcement and local authorities.

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