Starlink to Launch Satellite-Based Mobile Phone Services

by Ikem Emmanuel

Starlink, the internet company founded by Elon Musk, has announced plans to provide mobile phone services that will connect directly to its satellites. The service will initially offer texting in 2024, with voice, data, and IoT services to follow in 2025. Importantly, the company assures that current 4G-enabled devices can be used without requiring any hardware changes. This innovation will involve launching new satellites that will function as telecom base stations, providing global communication services.

Starlink’s ambition is to offer communication services anywhere in the world, extending access to remote areas and regions where traditional cellular coverage is limited. SpaceX, the aerospace company also founded by Elon Musk, will be responsible for launching these satellites, initially using the Falcon 9 rocket and later the Starship. Once in orbit, the satellites will connect to the Starlink constellation via laser backhaul.

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While Starlink’s entry into the telecommunications space poses potential competition to traditional mobile network providers, the company will still need to acquire licenses from regulatory authorities in each country where it wishes to offer its services. In the United States, Starlink has entered into an agreement with T-Mobile, aiming to provide text coverage across vast areas, including remote regions.

This move represents a significant shift in the telecommunications industry, as satellite-based mobile phone services have the potential to reach underserved and remote communities, ultimately expanding global connectivity. It’s also worth noting that this innovation could enhance emergency communication capabilities, making it particularly valuable in critical situations. As Starlink continues to pioneer advancements in satellite technology, the telecommunications landscape is poised for transformative change.


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