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Wike Inaugurates Task Force to Oversee Certificates of Occupancy for Mass Housing Developments

by Ikem Emmanuel

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has inaugurated a Task Force tasked with overseeing the issuance of Certificates of Occupancy (C-of-O) for mass housing developments and the recovery of land use contravention fees in the FCT. Chaired by Estate Surveyor Michael O. Chinda, the task force has a one-month timeline to conclude its assignment.

The primary objective of the task force is to ensure that each house in the Mass Housing Estates in the FCT is granted a Certificate of Occupancy, to be paid for by the allottees. It is also mandated to ensure that allottees who have violated land use regulations pay penalties as a deterrent. The Minister expressed concern over instances where residential allocations have been converted to commercial purposes and emphasized the need for controlled development in line with the law.

Wike highlighted the importance of generating revenue for financing projects while ensuring that development activities adhere to legal provisions. He stressed the need for severe penalties to deter land use contraventions and underscored that discouraging such actions requires a robust penalty system.

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Additionally, the Minister directed the Task Force to facilitate the provision of land documents, including certificates of occupancy, for land allottees in the Area Councils who do not currently possess them. He emphasized the importance of diligence in the task force’s actions and personally pledged to monitor its activities.

Zenith Bank Plc has been designated to provide the necessary funds for the task force’s operations, and funds collected will be deposited in the bank. Wike warned against entertaining pleas from defaulters and affirmed that compliance with regulations is crucial for the FCT’s development projects, as it relies on internally generated revenue as a non-oil state.


The Minister’s strong stance underscores the commitment to enforcing land use regulations and ensuring proper documentation for mass housing developments in the FCT. The task force’s activities are expected to have a significant impact on controlling and regulating urban development in the region.

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