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Governor Soludo Presents the 2024 Budget Nicknamed ‘Changing Gears’

In a significant moment at the Anambra State House of Assembly, Governor Soludo took center stage to unveil the much-anticipated 2024 budget proposal. The impressive figure of 410 billion, 132 million, 224 thousand, two hundred and seventy-two naira was announced, marking a pivotal point in the state’s fiscal planning.

The theme chosen for this budget, “Changing Gears: The Transformation Agenda Begins,” reflects the visionary approach and commitment of the administration to usher in a new era of progress and development.

As the Governor passionately presented the budget, the echoes of change resonated throughout the assembly, setting the tone for what promises to be a transformative period for Anambra State. The allocated funds cover a spectrum of sectors, illustrating a holistic strategy to address various facets of the state’s needs.

The “Changing Gears” theme hints at a dynamic shift in the state’s trajectory, emphasizing adaptability and progress. It is a call to action for all stakeholders, signaling the beginning of a comprehensive transformation agenda.

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As the news reverberates across the state, anticipation and optimism build among the residents. The unveiling of a budget is not just an administrative formality; it is a pledge to the people—a promise to steer the state towards greater heights.


With the budget now on the table, the next chapters will unfold as the Assembly deliberates and scrutinizes the proposed allocations. It is a collective journey towards a future where Anambra State thrives, evolves, and embraces positive change under the leadership of Governor Soludo. The 2024 budget proposal is not just a financial document; it is the blueprint for a new and transformative chapter in the state’s history.

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