Google’s Bard AI Chatbot Gets an Upgrade for Deeper YouTube Interactions

by Ikem Emmanuel

Google has elevated the capabilities of its Bard AI chatbot, enabling users to engage in more meaningful conversations specifically related to YouTube videos.

According to the company’s experiment update log, Bard’s YouTube extension has been expanded to allow the generative AI to “understand some video content.” For instance, users can now inquire about specific details in videos, such as the number of eggs used in a recipe demonstration or the names of tools showcased in DIY videos.

As noted by Android Authority, this update opens the door to a range of possibilities, including asking Bard for restaurant locations mentioned in food reviews or the origins of a particular cuisine.

The initial integration of Bard with YouTube in September allowed the chatbot to pull data from the platform but fell short in parsing video content and providing detailed answers about it. With the latest update, Google aims to address users’ desire for more profound engagement with YouTube videos.

Google mentioned that this update represents the “first steps in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos,” hinting at the potential for further advancements in video analysis technology for the platform in the future.

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To initiate conversations with Bard about YouTube videos, users will need to activate the YouTube extension through the chatbot’s web portal. This enhancement aligns with Google’s ongoing efforts to make AI interactions more immersive and tailored to users’ needs.


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