Dangote Refinery Reduces Diesel and Aviation Fuel Prices, Alleviating Economic Hardships

Dangote Refinery Reduces Diesel and Aviation Fuel Prices, Alleviating Economic Hardships

by Chidera Perpetual


In a move aimed at alleviating economic burdens on Nigerians, the Dangote Petroleum Refinery has once again slashed prices for diesel and aviation fuel. Now priced at N940 and N980 per litre respectively, the reduction comes as part of the company’s commitment to mitigating the impact of economic challenges in Nigeria.

The adjusted prices reflect a strategic approach by the refinery, with discounts offered to bulk buyers. Customers purchasing five million litres or more will benefit from the N940 per litre rate, while those purchasing one million litres or above will pay N970 per litre. This pricing strategy aims to provide relief to businesses and consumers alike, contributing to economic stability.

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Mr. Anthony Chiejina, Head of Communication at Dangote Petroleum Refinery, emphasized the company’s dedication to supporting consumers during these challenging times. He highlighted a strategic partnership with MRS Oil and Gas stations, extending affordable fuel prices to consumers across various regions. This collaboration ensures accessibility to diesel at N1,050 per litre and aviation fuel at N980 per litre, with an emphasis on affordability and convenience.

Moreover, Chiejina emphasized plans to extend this partnership to other major oil marketers, underscoring the refinery’s commitment to fair pricing practices and consumer welfare. The aim is to prevent retail buyers from being subjected to exorbitant prices, fostering a more equitable fuel market.


This latest price reduction follows a recent announcement by Dangote Petroleum Refinery, wherein diesel prices were lowered from N1200 to N1000 per litre just two weeks prior. Such initiatives reflect the Dangote Group’s broader commitment to improving the welfare of Nigerians and contributing to economic resilience.

As the nation grapples with economic challenges, initiatives like these provide a ray of hope for citizens and businesses alike. The Dangote Petroleum Refinery’s proactive approach to pricing not only addresses immediate concerns but also contributes to long-term economic stability and prosperity for Nigeria.

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