hubs southeastern states access to information information access The Need for More Digital Hubs in the Southeast. - Anaedo Online

The Need for More Digital Hubs in the Southeast

by AnaedoOnline

By Onyinye Igwe

Hubs encompass areas or spaces used for specific purposes. In this case, however, we would focus on digital and media hubs and the dire need for them in southeastern states.

Digital hubs would allow people to be able to work with uninterrupted power supply as well as access to the internet all for a charge.

Hubs differ, some of them are equipped with laptops and computers available for use by clients while some just create workspaces that require their clientele to bring their own laptops to work.

The important thing to note here is that they provide working environments with a perfect ecosystem for everyone that requires them. However,  Southeast falls sort in this area. Some of the reasons why hubs are required in the southeast:


hubs southeastern states access to information information access The Need for More Digital Hubs in the Southeast. - Anaedo Online


Access to information: The media blackout in the southeastern states have in one way or another isolated them from the rest of the world. Information is not easily dispersed to them at the time when they are needed the most and so a lot of times, they receive stale news. However, hubs are the perfect channel for the dispersing of information. They provide internet access to everyone who might be in need of it and this causes users to receive information on time. As a result, people get access to information easily.

Employment: It’s almost impossible for a company to function or stand on its own without staff. An efficient staff system works like a well-oiled machine. With more hubs in the southeast, job openings would be created and the beauty of these hubs is that with little or no training, you can effectively work on one of them.

Entrepreneurship: Similar to job reactions, internet hubs give people an opportunity to start out on their own. Owning hubs is a really lucrative business and I am pretty sure that there would be a lot of youths who would be more than delighted to own or be part of one.

Startups: More than anything startups require funds, funds for a whole lot of things that range from employment, staff to renting offices and maintenance of these facilities. Hubs can take a portion of the load off their plate. Startups could set up working space in hubs where they can use for as long as they want, this allows them to focus on achieving their goals and removes the worry of payment of accommodation bills and so on.


Education: For youths and teens who do not have the luxury of owning browsing phones and especially with the lack of digital libraries in southeastern states and Nigeria in general. Hubs are the perfect place for them to explore and learn new things. The beauty of the world as we know it to be is that we keep moving forward despite obstacles that we may face. The world is evolving and Nigeria must follow suit.

In conclusion, Digihub Consulting Ltd is set to be opened in Nnewi Anambra State. Digihub will offer freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their own workspace with a 24 hrs electricity and internet facility in a conducive environment.

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