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The Solution To The Poor Media Presence In South East Nigeria


In Nigeria, when we think of media especially digital media, we think Lagos, Abuja sometimes we think Rivers state because of the presence of SilverBird Television. The most prominent media establishments in the country (top 10) are based in the west and in the north. 

If you doubt, look at this post by BBC 

Digital media is the worst hit, unfortunate is the fact that there is no “outstanding digital media organization” in southeast Nigeria -one with national and international recognition. What does this mean for us? it simply means the Southeast will never have equal representation in the media with the key players being the west and the north. During the EndSars protest, there were a series of events happening in the south-east that were under-reported, an instance is the killings that went on in Aba after the police stations were burnt, there were no media on ground to cover it and the populace too isn’t media-savvy enough to cover it. This left the gruesome killings under-reported. 

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Whose fault is this?

NOBODYS. Our people do not have media as a priority and that’s entirely okay except that the world is changing and we have to adapt in order to move forward.

What does it take to make history?

 Doing something that needs to be done, when everyone else is afraid to try. Countless digital media organizations have sprung up in the Southeast and have died from the political tussle, lack of patronage, and its likes. In the face of all these, we are not deterred, we are hopeful that a digital media platform will spring up in the south-east and disrupt the status of things for the better to afford the region better coverage.

Who are we?

Freshminds Communication Ltd., the publishers of Anaedoonline is a group of young people who have an undiluted passion for the media industry and undying love for our Igbo roots and heritage.

We are a team of young minds that have the future in perspective, the goal is to lead the media narrative of southeast Nigeria. The goal is to be the one media to remember when you think of top media establishments in Nigeria. The goal is to give accurate, undeterred reports of things happening in the south-east, news, culture, people, etc. 


The future is media

The future is Freshminds Communication



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