Customers lament increase in monthly subscription for DSTV, GOtv

Multichoice Subscribers lament over price increament

by Sopuru Sopuru

Subscribers to Multichoice, the leading satellite television service provider in Nigeria, have voiced their frustration over the significant increase in monthly subscription fees for DSTV and GOtv. The announced price adjustments have triggered widespread condemnation across social media platforms, with many subscribers expressing discontent over the apparent insensitivity of the decision amidst the prevailing economic challenges in the country.

Multichoice attributed the subscription fee increment to operational costs and the necessity to enhance service quality. However, the abrupt surge in prices has left many Nigerians questioning the justification behind such steep hikes, especially considering the ongoing economic hardship.

Social media platforms have been inundated with expressions of frustration and calls for government intervention. Mr. Ebuka Victor urged the Federal Government to address the continuous price increases and dismantle the monopoly enjoyed by Multichoice, stating that DSTV’s actions are detrimental to Nigerians’ financial well-being.

Similarly, Mr. Benjamin Chukwucheben raised concerns about the lack of regulatory oversight, questioning the absence of measures to curb the incessant subscription fee hikes by Multichoice.

The Federal Government now faces mounting pressure to intervene in the matter, with calls for regulatory bodies like the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) to investigate the rationale behind the price hike.


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Some subscribers have begun exploring alternative entertainment options, with Mr. Frank Akpata suggesting the use of smart TVs and streaming platforms as viable alternatives to traditional satellite television services.

Ms. Tomi Ifeayinchukwu and Mariam Ajala shared their experiences of relying solely on streaming platforms for entertainment, indicating a potential shift away from DSTV subscriptions, particularly in light of the recent price increments.

As the debate continues to escalate, the Nigerian public eagerly awaits government intervention to address the concerns raised by subscribers and ensure fair and affordable access to satellite television services in the country.


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