UPDATE: Ozigbo Calls Out Soludo Over Delayed LG Elections

UPDATE: Ozigbo Calls Out Soludo Over Delayed LG Elections

by Victor Ndubuisi

Valentine Ozigbo, the PDP’s candidate for governor of Anambra in 2021, has charged that Governor Charles Soludo has broken his pledge to hold local government elections.

Soludo made a campaign-long pledge to hold local government elections within two years, which he reiterated during his inaugural speech. But after two years of his administration, there have been no local government elections, and it doesn’t seem like any preparations have been made.

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Rather, Soludo has made the decision that political operators for the APGA will put forth names for him to choose as leaders of each of the 21 local government districts. Ozigbo asserts that this action violates section 7(1) of the 1999 Constitution. According to Ozigbo, Soludo is enlisting his friends and political aides in order to administer the local government areas, which allows him to utilize funds allocated to these areas to support his political structures, presumably to bolster his chances for re-election.

Ozigbo stated, “Prof. Soludo has opted to recruit his cronies and political foot soldiers to administer the local government areas. This allows him to utilise funds allocated to these areas to support his political structures, believing that will help him secure his re-election.”


Ozigbo asserts that these anti-democratic practices go beyond appointments made by local governments. He claims that legitimate leaders have been replaced by touts and hirelings in trade unions and other crucial areas, which have been mismanaged. Ozigbo draws attention to the fact that the election of town union presidents general has been tainted in numerous towns, with the people’s will being openly subverted.

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Ozigbo questioned the governor’s actions, saying, “There are three levels of government. If Presidents don’t appoint transition governors, why do governors feel they can appoint transition LG Chairmen and change them at will? And if promises have been made, why break them?”

He underlined how vital it is to uphold the rule of law in governance and stressed the need of holding legitimate municipal elections in order to bolster democracy and provide the populace the power to select their representatives. In turn, this makes it possible for the general public to hold elected people responsible.

“The rule of law is everything in governance!” Ozigbo exclaimed. “A proper LG election is crucial to strengthen democracy and allow people at the grassroots to choose their leaders. In turn, the masses will be able to hold the elected accountable.”

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Ozigbo concluded by reminding Soludo of his failure to live up to the expectations and social contract with Ndi Anambra. “Gov Soludo should be reminded that he has failed to live up to set expectations and the social contract with Ndi Anambra.”



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