93-year-old Woman Preaching The Gospel Generates Massive Reaction

A 93-year-old woman has inspired people on social media after a photo of her preaching the gospel emerged on LinkedIn. The inspiring photo was shared by Jude Paul who urged the social media community to show the woman some love by liking the post.

In the photo, the woman held a megaphone and a bible as she went around spreading the word of God. Reacting to the photo, a Nigerian man identified as Samuel Olubusoye said liking the post is not tantamount to showing the woman love.

According to Samuel, the best way to show her love is to do the same thing the woman is doing. In his words:

“Liking this post is not the real way or the best way to show her love. The best way to show her love is to do the same thing she has done or she is doing. Love goes beyond liking, love is in action and in deed. Go forth to the world and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Shalom.”

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Clever Oghenevwaire Duke said:

“I know her in person. She lived close to our apartment then. Mama as popularly known was a no nonsense woman. It’s a thing of joy for her to spend the later part of her life to the service of her maker. No one truly knows tomorrow, the stone the builder rejected may become the chief conner stone. We owe one thing as humans to ourselves ‘love one another as yourselves’.”

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Ivbade Odigie commented: “God bless u greatly ma, in Jesus name Amen.” Michael Ogbu wrote:

Michael Ogbu wrote: “God almighty bless you ma. You are wonderful.”

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