tiwa petitions police against davido

Tiwa Savage Petitions Police Against Davido

by Ikem Emmanuel

Afrobeats Stars’ Social Media Feud Takes a Legal Turn

The Nigerian music scene is no stranger to controversies, but the latest clash between Afrobeats icons Tiwa Savage and Davido has taken an unexpected turn. Tiwa Savage has officially lodged a petition with the Nigerian Police Force, alleging threats from Davido, a move that follows their decision to unfollow each other on social media platforms.

Unraveling the Social Media Drama

The rift between Tiwa Savage and Davido gained momentum when the two influential artists opted to unfollow each other on various social media channels. While such online spats are not uncommon, this particular disagreement has deeper roots tied to Davido’s strained relationship with his baby mother, Sophia Momodu, who shares a daughter named Imade with the music star.

Adding fuel to the fire, Tiwa Savage unintentionally became part of the narrative when she posted media online, specifically tagging Sophia Momodu. This seemingly innocent act, however, snowballed into a full-blown clash as Davido perceived it as a breach of trust, especially considering his troubled history with Sophia Momodu.

The crux of the matter lies in Davido’s discontent with Tiwa Savage’s association with Sophia Momodu. The strained relationship with his baby mother exacerbated the situation, leading Davido to harbor ill feelings toward Tiwa, who he believed crossed a line by socializing with his estranged baby mother.

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Tiwa’s Concerns for Safety:

In her petition to the Nigerian Police Force, Tiwa Savage didn’t mince words about feeling threatened by Davido. She pointed out that Davido’s actions went beyond the realm of a personal dispute, alleging unethical behavior that contravenes sections of the Nigerian constitution. This legal step takes their feud from the social media sphere to a more serious and potentially legal battleground.


The clash between Tiwa Savage and Davido raises broader questions about the impact of personal conflicts on the music industry. As two prominent figures in afrobeats, their discord may have ramifications for collaborations and industry dynamics, prompting discussions on the intersection of personal matters and professional relationships in the entertainment world.

As the Nigerian Police Force takes on the task of investigating Tiwa Savage’s petition, the music industry watches closely. The legal dimension added to this social media feud emphasizes the growing complexities of navigating personal relationships in the age of constant online scrutiny.



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