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All Police Stations That Were Burned By Unknown Gunmen In S/East & Environs

by NwanyiAbia

A group of destructive heavily armed men tagged “unknown gunmen” have been attacking the southeast and its environs this year. The activities of unknown gunmen have hit the roof in recent times and this has caused loss of lives of police and security operatives, of properties and brought sorrow to families. 

Their mode of operation is almost identical, burning police stations, killing policemen, releasing detainees both, or burning all properties found in police custody, such as impounded cars, not minding the owner.

They have attacked a few prison facilities and released inmates, as well, an act that is an immediate danger to society loss to many in their sympathy towards the unknown gunmen or who feel that this violence proves the region is not a push-over.

These attacks are coming a few months after the country protested against police brutality, hence their activities were met with mixed reactions. While some hail the unknown gunmen for their timely intervention for the masses, others stand firm on the premise that crime is a crime and illicit activities like these degenerate quickly and the “hailing masses” wouldn’t be safe anymore.

`The policemen, a good number innocents, are people’s fathers and husbands and brothers and sons and uncles and friends. The properties burnt at police stations belong to fellow countrymen. 


The various cadres of the Nigerian police force have given different reports all stating their ability and willingness to tackle the unknown gunmen who are armed to their teeth; this is against the malnourished Nigerian police magazine that counts bullets. This poses a fragile hope to this situation. 

In the wake of these attacks, the southeast governors formed the Ebubeagu Security Outfit to safeguard the southeasts from herdsmen intrusion and other vices, but, recently as the pattern of these attacks became clear on the puzzle board, many arrived at an ill-fated conclusion that these attacks might be orchestrated by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the aim to send a strong warning to the Nigerian government. This assumption is largely unclaimed.

The gunmen as we see them are masked from head to toe in pitch black outfits which makes it impossible to pin them to any organization or identity. 

At least 20 police stations have been attacked and burnt so far and at least 43 policemen killed. What is the police intelligence doing about these killings of its officers and men? Does it mean that the police force is unable to curtail a syndicate of fewer than 1000 men within its states? So many questions to ask; few ready answers which all point to a question where does this madness end?

Below are the 20-plus police stations that have been attacked and mostly burned down by the infamous unknown gunmen. Note that some attacks in very rural areas may have gone unreported. Sadly enough, this list might be updated.

List of police stations attacked in the Southeast and the Southsouth

Federal Prison Owerri, Imo State


This correctional facility was attacked on April 5th leading to the release of an unaccounted number of inmates. Fortunately, no lives were lost.

Ehime Mbano Police Station Imo State

The police station was burnt down on April 6th, 2021 by unknown gunmen, fortunately, there were no casualties. 


Urua Inyang check point Ika LG Akwa Ibom

On April 28th 2 policemen were killed at this checkpoint. 

Nkporo Police Station, Ohafia LGA Abia State


Largely unreported, the Nkporo police station, which is a rural area, was to the burning of its police station on the 29th of April 2021.

Ikono Police station Ibiak Ntok Okpo  LG in Akwa Ibom

2 policemen lost their lives on May 2nd at this Police Station.

Obosi Police Station, Idemili South LGA, Anambra State

This happened on May 6th, 2021 and 2 police officers were killed. 


Odoro Ikpe Police Station Akwa Ibom

Between May 7th and 8th, 6 policemen were killed. 

Police Patrol at Rumuniji, Port Harcourt

On May 8th, the unknown gunmen plotted an attack on some policemen on patrol and killed a number of them


Elimgbu Police Station

The same day, May 8th, they attacked a police station and killed a number of policemen. The total number of policemen killed in Port Harcourt that day where 7 in number. 

Trademore Housing Estate Ubani Ibeku Umuahia LG, Abia State


This was on the 9th of May, 2021. No casualties recorded. 

Obiozara police station, Ohaozara LG, Ebonyi State

This police station has seen a lot of burns. During the end Sars Campaign, it was burnt down and its current location set up as temporary accommodation. On the 6th of May, 2021, it was burnt down again by unknown gunmen. 


Activities Of Attacks In Southeast 

Mkpatak Police Station Akwa Ibom

This police station was burnt on May 9th, 2021.

Abak LG Police station Akwa Ibom

This was also burnt down on May 9th, 2021, alongside the above police station. Two police stations lost their lives and 12 cows were also killed. 

Okigwe Town, Imo state

At an unclear date, this police station was burnt down and 6 policemen were killed

Ini LG Akwa Ibom


This police station is located at the border between Akwa Ibom and Abia state. On the 8th of May it was burnt down and 8 policemen were killed. 

Nsukwa Division Police Station Aniocha South, Delta state

The infamous unknown gunmen attacked the division on 16th May 2021 and killed 3 policemen.

Apunmi Police Station Ubakala Umuahia South, Abia State

The sad occurrence took place on the 17th of May 2021 leaving 2 policemen dead. 

Etim Ekpo Police Station Akwa Ibom

On May 12th, the Etim Ekpo police station was burnt down and a policeman lost his life. 

Uzuakoli police station Bende LG, Abia State

No casualties recorded at this incident on the 18th of May, 2021. 

Awka Police Station Awka South LGA Anambra State

On May 23rd, the peaceful Awka town was disrupted by the burning of the Awka police station at Aroma, so far, no casualty was recorded. 

Iwollo Oghe Police Station Ezeagu, Enugu State

The incident took place on 25th May, 2021, which saw the death of four policemen. 

The activities of unknown gunmen are projected to continue, the destruction of police stations and the killings of force men is an imminent danger to society, what will become of the masses when armed robbery, vandalization, and other vices become the order of the day.

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