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Five Great Spots To Propose To Your Woman In Asaba

by Joy

Marriage proposals are one of those rare life experiences that come once in a lifetime for everyone or should be so. With the increasing rate of divorce, we understand that there could be a second, a third, or even a fourth time (say Tufiakwa) but this does not negate the significance of this occasion, the feeling in the first time.

For every proposal, attention is paid down to the tiniest detail and this is why we are giving you a free expo on, the best place to have your partner gushing while you propose to her/him in Asaba and its environs of either side of the Niger. 

Rodinia Restaurant & Bar

You can never go wrong with a classy restaurant setting for your romantic proposal, Rodinia restaurant is just the right spot.

Rodinia Restaurant is a blend of quick-service and special treat restaurants, it is located at the heart of the city. The welcoming and soft ambiance makes it a perfect spot for a proposal, little wonder, the restaurant has witnessed several proposals in the past. You can add a touch of special props if you are the extra type. 


The Rodinia Hotel – Defining Luxury.

Grand Hotel 

Grand Hotel is surely a name fit for a hotel such as this, without doubt, it is the most popular yet exclusive hotel in Asaba. If you want to give your queen that grand proposal that will have her swooning on her feet, then Grand Hotel is for you.

Grand hotel scenery and landscape is a scene right out of the movies, it has a picturesque architecture that reminds you of a fairytale castle with beautiful statues dotting their landscape. There are several spots where you can pop the big question, 

Free tip- It has a standard saloon where you can take your lady for a complete make-over and hairdo, no lady wants to be caught unfresh on her special day, you know she wants pictures for the gram so she has to be popping. We know it’s a surprise, but a little attention to detail can get you your ‘Yes’ faster. 

Now to the places where you can pop the big question in the hotel.

Restaurant: There is something romantic and soft about proposing in a restaurant, several movie scenes are testimony to that. In real life, not just the movies, a dinner date at a restaurant can never go wrong. Don’t go and propose to the lady at a Bukka or roadside zink affair (or you may if you are feeling that rugged), Restaurant get class.


Grand Hotel Restaurant proffers you the perfect setting.

Grand Hotel in Asaba, Nigeria -

Garden: if you are that lovestruck guy that wants a quiet memorable proposal with little or no audience, the grand hotel garden with a fountain and beautiful statue in the center affords you that.


Grand Hotel Ltd in Asaba, Nigeria - Lets Book Hotel

Niger River Front: You can never go wrong with a waterside proposal, imagine pouring out your heart to the love of your life on the waterfront of River Niger. Picture perfect, right? 

Cool. If he says no, he better know how to swim.


Niger River Asaba. 

Landers Brothers Anchorage

Is your lover a history buff? Then the Landers Brothers Anchorage will speak to her.

Proposals are meant to appeal to the sentimental part of your partners, things that they are passionate about, so it doesn’t always have to be all candlelight dinner and fireworks, something out of the norms will be intriguing. 

When you are dating historians/academicians, it is a tad bit hard to pull off the right proposal, going down on one knee on the steps of the anchorage statue to ask your heartthrob to spend the rest of their life with you, won’t be a bad idea.


Proposing inside the museum surrounded by relics from the past will be something different too, think about it.

Lander Brothers Anchorage, Delta - Photos & Reviews - Places

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Araya Bible Spot


How will it feel to pledge your heart to the love of your life on holy ground? Exciting, right? 

We told you Asaba has all the right spots for every concept of proposal you have in mind for your significant other. The Araya Bible site is a major tourist attraction spot for Christain’s pilgrimage every year, it holds a place for every person of faith that knows about it.

If you have that God-loving partner, it will be a bonus in your favor if you propose to her in a place that symbolizes something in Christian Faith.


Otuogu Beach

Picture walking on the banks of a beach your feet sinking in the fine sands of the ocean, holding your partner, and then you go down on one knee asking her to marry with the sound of the ocean waves crashing serving as background music, there is no perfect scenery than this. 

Asaba Beach, Ibusa Road - Photos & Reviews - Places


The Otuogu beach in the outskirts of Asaba with its white sands and pristine waters will be stamped in her memory, a proposal to remember.

For every type of scenery that appeals to your person to propose to your better half, we are sure you will find it in Asaba.

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