Anaedoonline Lectures, Who Should Attend?

by NwanyiAbia

Flyers of different events akalia on the internet, each enticing you to sign up or employing you to attend an event or the other; most of these with pictures of prominent persons as speakers or guest appearances. Every day on Obasanjo’s internet, there are friends on Facebook timeline hosting watches or attending events virtually via Facebook virtual events. These are good seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. We encourage you to attend these events as often as you have the time for them. 

Offline events too are not left out, posters, banners, billboards, flyers are littered on our streets with promising offers. 

Anaedoonline 3rd Anniversary Lecture has all the above, flyers, IVs, Billboards, posters, Facebook Live, seasoned speakers, etc. However, we authoritatively tell you that these things are ephemeral. What is important is the impact the event makes on the attendees and what the attendees can benefit from the event. For instance, the topic “Southeast Nigeria, An Untapped Investment Hub of the Next Decade” is one that seeks to unearth the economic solutions for the next decade.

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Who can attend?

  • People whose businesses are in the Southeast- If you own and operate a business in the Southeast or you intend to, this is an event you should not miss. You have to learn the naked opportunities around you. Sometimes, conversations are all it takes to see expansion potentials, new clientele base, other business ventures you can add to yours. If you have a business resident in the southeast, this event is for you. 
  • People who are from the southeast- The southeasterners called the Igbo people are passing through a tough face as a people, we have learned that wars, referendums, sit at home, vile, etc are not giving us the desired result to develop as a people and compete globally. This is why we need to look inward, there are potentials in the southeast. How do we harness it? Friends of the Igbo people, neighbours of the Igbo people, Igbo people themselves. We all need to be in attendance 
  • Students and Corp members- The stage of attending the university and service to the fatherland is a moment of figuring out what next career-wise. This event gives you an opportunity to learn while charting a course for your life
  • Investors- The best persons to attend are investors who are looking for opportunities that will expand their resources. At this event, the seasoned speakers will highlight opportunities that will be beneficial to any type of investor in Tech, media, industries, real estate, etc. 
  • General public- Everyone should attend, there is something for everyone on this year’s lecture. The speakers will speak to each attendee at the point of their need. IT will also encompass a dialogue section where questions can be asked and clarity is given. Civil servants, corporate workers, bankers, labourers, etc. are all welcome on board.

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