Adeyanju Asks International Community To Ban Aisha Buhari From Human Rights Events For Torturing Student

Adeyanju Asks International Community To Ban Aisha Buhari From Human Rights Events For Torturing Student

by Victor Ndubuisi

Mr. Deji Adeyanju, Convener of Concerned Nigerians, has urged the international community to prohibit Mrs. Aisha Buhari from participating or speaking at human rights events.

He stated that this would demonstrate their criticism of the unlawful arrest and torture of a student on her orders by security forces. previously reported that Muhammed, a final-year student in the Department of Environmental Management and Toxicology, posted on Twitter in June 2022 that Mrs Buhari had suddenly gained weight after participating in plundering the nation’s meager resources while the masses suffered under her husband’s regime.

Aisha Buhari Rushed To Hospital While Trying To Join In Physically Assaulting Nigerian Student Arrested Over Twitter Post

The President’s wife is well-known for her frivolous excursions to Dubai.


“Su mama anchi kudin talkawa ankoshi,” the Hausa-language tweet reads.

The tweet, which was accompanied by a photograph of Mrs Buhari, translates roughly as “Mama has eaten poor people’s money and is now full.”

According to his buddies, he created the post because he was fed up with the long-running strike by university lecturers around the country.

The 23-year-old student was picked up by security personnel on campus on November 8 and reportedly beaten up after his arrest around midday.

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A statement issued by Adeyanju on Wednesay partly reads: “Aisha Buhari is feeding fat on our money. However, while it is acknowledged that Mohammed’s post only speaks to facts because of available statistics. According to reports; the estimated yearly budget for food & travels for Aso Rock from 2016 till date is: 2016 – N3.27 billion; 2017 – N3.11 billion; 2018 – N3.81 billion; 2019 – N3.39 billion; 2020 – N7.46 billion; 2021 – N6.07 billion; 2022 – N6.77 billion. From these gulping budgeted sums, one can only safely posit that Mohammed’s assertion is the complete truth as the First Lady has been feeding fat on taxpayers’ money used in offsetting budget expenses for Aso Rock.”

Adeyanju claimed that the First Lady’s and the detailed security agencies’ behavior is devoid of sound judgment.


He also described Muhammed’s treatment as oppressive, degrading, and unconstitutional.

He said, “First off, for such arrest and torture of the student to have been triggered through the First Lady is demeaning to the office of the President and does not portray the entire country in a good light to the entire world, in terms of respect for citizens fundamental freedoms protected under the country’s Constitution.

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“In the world over, it has been accepted that torture constitutes a serious matter of concern that threatens the life and dignity of human persons. This accounts for the emergence of the Convention Against Torture, 1984 amongst other human rights instruments.”

Adeyanju further said, “It is noted with concern that in a country with a judicial process, the First Lady resorted to self-help and could not utilize the instrumentality of the Law to seek redress if she feels defamed by Mohammed’s post, other than using State Apparatus — Law Enforcement Agencies to victimize citizens. This is to say the least, unlawful and unconstitutional as it portrays the country in undemocratic light. Besides, no one is above the Law. In the evergreen words of Lord Denning in Gourient v. Union of Post Office Workers (1978) AC 435, he said ‘to every subject in this land, no matter how powerful. . . Be you never so high, the Law is above you.’”

“Accordingly, the international community is called to ban Mrs Aisha Buhari from either attending or speaking at Human Rights events in demonstration of their condemnation against the First Lady’s conduct. In this regard, all the Security officials involved in this dastardly act should also be made to face the full wrath of the Law,” he added.



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