Nigerian Airlines Increase Flight Seats to Counter High Operating Costs

by Ikem Emmanuel

Nigerian domestic airlines are adopting strategies to cope with the high operating costs in the aviation industry. One approach they are taking is increasing the number of flight seats available, allowing more passengers to travel, which in turn boosts revenue.

The President of the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies, Susan Akporiaye, explained that this shift in strategy is a response to the challenges posed by foreign exchange scarcity and the impact on operating costs. By offering more seats, airlines aim to drive up the average number of seats per departure, which can translate into lower per-seat costs.

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In the past, many airlines stopped selling cheaper seats and focused on selling more expensive ones due to issues related to trapped funds. However, with the high exchange rate and the need to increase revenue, some airlines are now reintroducing lower-priced seats to remain financially viable.

While these changes may provide a short-term boost in revenue, the aviation industry continues to face various challenges, including foreign exchange scarcity and the impact on airfares. Some experts have expressed concerns about the potential negative effects of recent increases in airfares.


The industry is also calling for more effective policy regulation and oversight to address these issues and ensure the long-term financial health of airlines. It remains essential for the relevant authorities to closely examine the commercial aviation sector and work towards finding sustainable solutions to the challenges it faces.

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