Nigerian Sets Out to Break Guinness World Record with 606km Lagos to Port Harcourt Marathon

by Ikem Emmanuel

In a remarkable feat of determination and endurance, a 28-year-old Nigerian named Promise Wosu Junior, widely known as Wene Port Harcourt, has embarked on an extraordinary journey. He is currently in the midst of a 606km marathon from Lagos to Port Harcourt, and what makes this endeavor even more astonishing is that he is on the fourth day of his incredible odyssey.

Wene Port Harcourt’s marathon commenced in Lagos, and as of the latest update, he is in the vibrant city of Warri, which is a significant milestone in this long and challenging journey. In just four days, he has covered a staggering 430km, maintaining an impressive pace of 10km per hour.

His mission, aptly captured by the hashtag #WenePH, is drawing attention from both locals and online communities. With each stride, Promise Wosu Junior is not only creating a personal record but also aiming for a spot in the prestigious Guinness World Records.

What’s even more inspiring is that Promise Wosu Junior is making this incredible journey with a deep sense of purpose and determination. As he mentioned in one of his updates, he is ensuring that his breaks are well-observed, not only for time calculations but also to account for the physical demands of such an extraordinary feat. After all, embarking on a marathon of this scale is not just about speed; it’s about unwavering commitment and stamina.

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Promise hails from Omudioga community in Emohua Local Government of Rivers State, Nigeria. His educational background includes attending Model Secondary School in Isiokpo, and he holds a B.Sc degree in Accounting from the University of Port Harcourt. It’s clear that his journey is not just about the physical challenge but also about promoting the spirit of endurance, perseverance, and the idea that remarkable achievements are possible with the right mindset.

The journey of Promise Wosu Junior, or Wene Port Harcourt, is a testament to the power of personal goals and human determination. As he continues his marathon, it’s a source of inspiration for everyone, showing that with dedication, hard work, and unwavering spirit, one can achieve the seemingly unthinkable. We’ll be closely following his journey as he paves the way for others to challenge their limits and turn their dreams into reality.

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