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Community Report: Nnewi Urban – Go to School or Learn a Skill / Trade

by Ikem Emmanuel

Nnewi Urban Chronicles: Voices and Visions for Community Betterment

In the heart of Nnewi Urban and its neighboring towns, we unfold the stories, concerns, and aspirations of the community in today’s revealing community report. Today’s focus revolves around a pivotal choice faced by the community members – the delicate decision between going to school or learning a trade. As we explore this crossroads, we’ll also address other pressing matters, from speeding challenges to service disparities, road construction concerns, and the call for safer hairstyles.

1. Go to School or Learn a Trade – A Delicate Crossroads:

The community report opens with Akwaraji, a concerned resident, sharing his thoughts on the influx of teens enrolling in universities. Expressing profound concern, Mr. Akwaraji sheds light on the stark realities of today’s labor force – a saturation of irrelevant courses and limited job opportunities after graduation. He passionately urges the youth to consider embracing learning a skill or trade alongside traditional education.

In today’s tech-driven society, where many courses have become obsolete in the Nigerian market, he emphasizes the importance of choosing courses that guarantee job prospects. Mr. Akwaraji asserts that while going to school remains necessary and relevant, the key lies in selecting profitable courses or learning valuable skills to thrive in today’s Nigerian economy. The question resonates: In a tech-driven era, is it the pursuit of relevant education or practical skills that holds the key to navigating Nigeria’s evolving job landscape?

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2. Speeding Woes in Festive Streets:

During this festive period, a surge in overspeeding has sparked major concerns, particularly within the narrow streets where the absence of speed limits poses a significant risk. Akwanwa, a resident of Nnewi, shared a chilling incident that narrowly avoided tragedy but highlighted the urgent need for intervention. An escort vehicle, blaring sirens, experienced a harrowing accident as its two rear tires were violently yanked off due to overspeeding.

The concern extends to the newly constructed Akaboezemu road in Uruagu Nnewi, where overspeeding has become a recurrent issue. While acknowledging the government’s efforts and expressing gratitude for the road development, residents, like the one from Akaboezemu, emphasize the crucial role of well-positioned bumps. Their appeal resonates with a broader call for the active involvement of the youth in ensuring that these traffic-calming measures are strategically placed to control overspeeding, thereby promoting safer streets for everyone.


The call is clear – implement speed limits, strategically place bumps, and ensure safer streets. These measures are seen as essential to regulate speed effectively and avert future accidents.

3. Service Equity at Fuel Stations:

In the daily hustle, Kingsley from Ozubulu unveils a social issue at fuel stations – unequal service based on social status. He urges providers to adopt the ‘first come, first serve’ principle, highlighting the negative impact of social biases on businesses.

4. Dust Dilemma on the Road to Progress:

Shifting to road concerns, a market trader emphasizes the dust predicament on the Electrical Parts-Ibeto road link. His plea is clear – expedite road construction to alleviate health hazards caused by dust.

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5. Safety Alert for Young Girls:

Onyinye from Otolo Nnewi has raised an important safety concern for young girls. She advocates against wearing overly long braids that could pose a threat, especially in a town like Nnewi where motorcycles are commonly used for transportation. Your braid can get caught by motorcycle spokes while walking or even while riding on one. If you choose to wear long braids, make sure to tie them up properly while in congested environments to avoid accidents. Onyinye’s plea comes from a witnessed accident, serving as a heartfelt warning for the safety of her peers.

Conclusion: In today’s community report, the voices of Nnewi Urban and neighboring towns resonate, reflecting collective aspirations for a safer, more equitable, and thriving community. These narratives, unveiled by, symbolize the pulse of community development. As we continue this journey, stay tuned for more revelations, where we explore the delicate crossroads – whether to go to school or learn a trade.

Thank you, Golden Minds, for being part of today’s community report. Together, we shape a better tomorrow.


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