US Businessman, Erik Prince Advocates For Africa Recolonisation

US Businessman, Erik Prince Advocates For Africa Recolonisation

by Victor Ndubuisi

Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, an American private military organisation, and a former US Navy Seal Officer, has sparked controversy by arguing that it’s time to “put the imperial hat back on” and recolonize African nations.

In a video that has been making the rounds on X, Prince makes the case that a lot of African presidents are unable to run their countries effectively and are instead concentrating on their own corruption, pillage, and opulent shopping excursions to Paris rather than the wellbeing of their people.

In the video, Prince said, “Enough is enough; we’re done being invaded,” expressing his dissatisfaction with what he sees as a lack of capable government in Africa. He asserted that African governments put their own interests ahead of the welfare of their people, leaving the continents in a state of stagnation.

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The US Businessman, Prince stated, “It’s time for us to put the imperial hat back on to say, were gonna govern those countries if you’re incapable of governing yourselves, because enough is enough; were done being invaded.


“Pretty much all of Africa are incapable of governing themselves and benefiting the citizens, because the government there (African Leaders) are all about looting, pillaging, lining their pockets and going shopping in Paris instead of actually making the countries get better.”


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