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Peter Obi Condemns Arrest of Labour Party Chairman

by Ikem Emmanuel

Peter Obi Condemns Arrest of Labour Party Chairman in Edo State: Peter Obi, in a series of tweets, expressed his dismay and vehemently denounced how the arrest was carried out. He underscored the fundamental importance of upholding the rule of law in any society and asserted that individuals, regardless of their status, have a duty to respond to invitations from properly constituted authorities.

The recent arrest of the National Chairman of the Labour Party, Barrister Julius Abure, has stirred controversy and incited strong responses from public figures and citizens alike. The distressing incident unfolded in Benin City, Edo state, and has prompted widespread condemnation and calls for upholding the rule of law in Nigeria.

Peter Obi articulated his unwavering belief that while constitutional authorities must be allowed to execute their statutory functions, officers must adhere to due process, civility, and established arrest procedures. He emphasized the necessity of respecting the dignity and rights of citizens, as well as upholding the presumption of innocence before the law.

Furthermore, Peter Obi stressed the significance of giving due respect to political opposition in Nigeria and underscored the imperative to refrain from employing pretexts or subterfuge to stifle the country’s political diversity. As a leader within the Labour Party, Barrister Julius Abure represents both personally and statutorily, as the incumbent Chairman of the LP, the face of political opposition in Nigeria. Therefore, Obi urged that Abure should be granted bail based on his status while the investigation into his alleged offense continues.



The distressing images of the National Chairman lying on the ground during the arrest have sparked widespread outrage and have been described as undesirable, demeaning, and unequivocally intolerable by various individuals and public figures. The incident has reignited discussions about the need to address deplorable actions and uphold the principles of justice and respect for the dignity of the individual within Nigerian society.

This arrest has not only prompted intense scrutiny of the actions of law enforcement officers but also served to magnify concerns about the perception of Nigeria as a nation plagued by lawlessness. The outcry following this incident underscores the urgent need for active measures to address such behavior and ensure that justice and respect for the dignity of individuals remain paramount within the Nigerian civic landscape.

As the conversations surrounding this arrest continue to evolve, it is evident that the need for adherence to due process, civility, and respect for the rights of individuals remains a critical point of emphasis. The wider implications of this incident on the rule of law, justice, and the treatment of political opposition in Nigeria are likely to continue to capture public attention and prompt further calls for accountability and reform.

The alarming arrest of the National Chairman of the Labour Party has propelled discussions about the imperative to preserve the sanctity of the rule of law, uphold the dignity of individuals, and safeguard the rights of political opposition within the Nigerian context. The expressions of concern and demands for appropriate conduct in law enforcement activities serve as rallying cries for a society that prizes justice, civility, and respect for the rights of all individuals.


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