Nigeria Is The Second African Countries with Highest Police Bribery Rates

Nigeria Is The Second African Countries with Highest Police Bribery Rates

by Victor Ndubuisi

The frequency of police bribery throughout the African continent is revealed by a recent Afrobarometer poll, which also highlights the major obstacles that people must overcome in order to obtain law enforcement services. The survey, which was carried out in 39 African nations between 2021 and 2023, revealed that only one in three Africans believe their police forces are professional and uphold the rights of their residents.

The topic of bribery is one of the survey’s main conclusions; a significant number of respondents reported having to pay bribes to the police in order to get aid. The shocking 75% police bribery rate is found in Nigeria, the second most populated country in Africa.

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The survey’s findings, which point to a structural problem with law enforcement organisations throughout the continent, showed that the necessity for payments frequently develops when residents report crimes or ask for assistance in an emergency. For many Africans, getting security services is already a difficult undertaking; adding to this challenge is the demand for payments.

Low public trust in law enforcement agencies has been found to be significantly influenced by the frequency of corruption within police forces. The public’s feeling of unease and discontent with the government’s efforts to lower crime rates are strongly associated with negative opinions of police professionalism and corruption.


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According to the poll, the top 10 African nations with the highest rates of police bribery are as follows:

Liberia – 78%
Nigeria – 75%
Sierra Leone – 72%
Uganda – 71%
Congo-Brazzaville – 68%
Cameroon – 63%
Burkina Faso – 62%
Guinea – 53%
Kenya – 52%
Gabon – 51%

These results highlight how urgently law enforcement agencies throughout Africa must undergo changes to address the problem of corruption and raise the calibre and professionalism of their personnel. Even if there are rules in place to prevent corruption, it is frequently difficult to police them, which allows corrupt officials to continue getting away with it.


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